Friday, September 30, 2011


I just love Autumn! I mean, who couldn't love this wonderful time of the year? Where I live in particular, this time of the year is so enjoyable. The days are usually crisp and clean, the trees change color and provide such a majestic scenery, you get to turn off the air conditioning and enjoy being outside.

But today, unfortunately is not one of those days where autumn is very exciting. It's one of those dreary, rainy, cold days when all you can think about is crawling under a blanket on the sofa and reading a good book. I consolled myself by doing as many nice new things today that I could to celebrate this new season.

1) I am wearing my new boots! I have a horrid time finding boots that fit because they are always too big for my calves. So after trying on about a hundred pairs of boots, I finally found the perfect pair ON SALE! Today is my very first day wearing them and I'm very excited.

2) I am drinking spiced tea. I love tea and drink it every day, but spriced tea, to me, is something for only select times of the year. Such a warm treat!

3) I put together my grocery list for the weekend and will be buying ingredients to make THIS cake. So excited to bake with pumpkin again!

4) I wore tights with my boots. I have recently started wearing skirts mostly full-time and have wondered how it will be to get through the winter. I can report that I am toasty warm in my tights and boots.

5) I started my "autumn cleaning" last night. I want to turn my home into a cozy nest for winter and am starting by making sure everything is in its place.

6) My husband and I have planned a trip this weekend to visit a state park to look at all the beautiful fall colors. In only a few weeks, it will all be gone, so I want to enjoy it while I can.

How are you enjoying this time of year? (whatever this time of year may be for you)


  1. Rain? what is that?! Where I live in Texas we are in the midst of a horrible drought. ugh.... Yesterday it was 100 degrees. Today though is cooler (upper 80's--hooray! I opened the windows and have been smelling the smells--of course my allergies are killing me. :-) And the kiddos are getting to play outside because it is cool enough. Fall will come though....

  2. I love this post! I love Autumn, as well!

    We are up here in Northern Idaho, and have very cold winters...I also stay toasty warm in my skirts/dresses with tights and boots! Plus, stay feminine!

    I hope you have great trip with your beloved!

    God bless!


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