Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Being Together

My husband and I do not have cable service. While we do own a tv, we generally use it to watch dvds. We just realized that sitting next to each other and watching tv is not the same thing as spending time together. 

The great thing is that we both have time to pursue other interests and activities. My husband is learning to speak Polish (it is where his family is from) and I have been able to practice my music more lately (I play the viola). 

The best part of this arrangement, however, is that we do most things together. We were mentored by an older couple in our church before we were married. The couple told us "do everything together. Independence and marriage don't go together". We thought that would be a bit of a stretch. After all, we were long distance for two years before we got married and were both very independent people. As it turns out, that has been the best piece of advice for us. We try to do everything together: we go to the gym together, we clean together, we walk together, we shop together, we travel together, we visit friends together, etc. This has been so beneficial because together we are living OUR LIFE, not OUR LIVES. 

Our latest thing is to play board games together. My husband wins at everything and refuses to let me win. Sigh. Last weekend we spent 3 hours playing Lord of the Rings Risk (his idea, obviously). It was actually a great time and it was nice to just talk and be together, no tv droning in the background, no music. Just us and a board game. This is the life.

The odd thing is that the more time I spend with him, the more time I WANT to spend time with him. Thank God for sending that couple into our lives to show us that modern society, again, got this whole marriage thing wrong... it really is not only ok, but best, to spend all your time together:)

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  1. We love games too! My husband wins everything as well though, but you've just got to find your game- mine is Canasta- I almost always beat him! Everything else though I have to get my 'gracious-loser' face on for :D


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