Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote of the Week

A Christian is a keyhole through which other folk see God. -- Robert E. Gibson

This quote has great meaning for me, especially this week. I have realized in the past few days how many of those I work with and come into contact with on a daily basis are not Christians. Some of them are outspoken Atheists. I had a woman recently tell me that she thought religion was "the crack of the masses".

As scary as it is to hear such a strong "anti-God" perspective, I need to remember that God is always stronger. God can open and close hearts. This is something important that I have learned. While it is my job to share the gospel and live my faith out loud, it is God's job to draw others close to him. But what a privilege it is to be the keyhole through which others see God! What a high calling and an honor! To be a woman who radiates the power of Christ through words and actions and is a reflection of the love she has found in Christ... can there be a higher calling?

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  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful post! And so true. Only GOD can change peoples hearts, but a blessing, and truly the highest calling it is, to be that key hole for people to see Christ in HIS goodness in power! :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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