Sunday, October 16, 2011

Christmas in October

I got a 20% discount coupon to Kohls. I love Kohls because you can almost always find nice items for a great price. I also got wind that Kohls was having a big sale this weekend.

This was exactly the sort of thing I had my eye out for!

As I had mentioned before in my posts, we are working very hard to get out of debt. This means that we are trying to cut corners every which way. This can be a little bit difficult when Christmas comes around. I have lots of siblings, in-laws, parents, step-parents, nephews, etc. Christmas, even with simple gifts, can cost a fortune.

So, with 20% off, plus big savings due to a big sale, I knew this was Christmas shopping day!

We made a list after church of all the people we needed to buy for and set off to our nearest Kohls. After 2 hours of store-wandering and decision-making, we ended up with a cart full of goodies.

The result? $1200 worth of gifts for a grand total of $300.

We ended up buying very nice, good quality gifts, for incredible prices. So now it is the middle of October and we are finished Christmas shopping. I've never been one of those who plans ahead of Christmas. I have always been that woman wandering through stores at the last minutes praying I have enough creativity to come up with the perfect gift idea. This year I was determined to Christmas shop when it was most economical, and I am so happy I did. I've realized that planning ahead is the key to low-cost (yet nice!) Christmas gifts!

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