Friday, October 21, 2011

My Wedding

I got married just over 7 months ago to my very best friend. Our church was unavailable for us to get married in for over a year. My heart was broken, as I couldn't imagine NOT getting married in my church. We were living in different states in the meantime and I wanted to get going with married life and get closer to him. So in the end I had to make a choice. We ended up getting married by our pastor in a beautiful old hotel near the church. It wasn't my ideal situation, but as my pastor said that day "Christ abides in his people, not in a building".

So I thought I would share some photos from my wedding day with you. It was a very simple wedding (I am the youngest of 4 and was able to see the chaos that big weddings bring!) but it was a very happy day for us.

I'm ready!
steaming the dress until it's perfect
My two sweet nephews. The older one came up to me later with tears in his eyes and said "Auntie, I am so happy for you that my heart hurts!"
Walking with my daddy
I prayed for this man for so long, and now I'm so happy to marry him
Our wedding


  1. Beautiful! I love your dress! It's modest and gorgeous-perfect!

  2. Oh wow! It's so beautiful! Your story, the gown, the sweet comment from your nephew! You're so blessed girl. I'm very happy for you. :D Thanks for sharing the day with us. :)

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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