Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A change in my commenting policy

Hello all, I wanted to let  you know there has been a change in my post commenting policy. Up until now it has been open to everyone, and I have appreciated many of the encouraging and thought-provoking comments I have received. However, I know how easy it can be to let your fingers run wild and say all sorts of nasty things, especially when you know you can post it anonymously.

So, there will be no more anonymous comments allowed on this blog.
I created this blog to encourage other women in a way I wish someone had encouraged me when I was a budding Christian woman. I know what it is like to be a "half-Christian", someone who lives just like everyone else in this world but claims to be a Christian at heart. But I have come to realize that while God does not always desire to micro-manage my life, he does have a vested interest in how I conduct myself and reflect him to others. Therefore, my lifestyle choices are a reflection of that.

I welcome comments to my posts, even if you disagree with me. Some comments in the past have made me stop and think about my own feelings and expressed ideas. That is how healthy discussion and debate takes place. But writing anonymous, mean comments is just not the way to go about expressing your opinion. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. I like to think I express my views as I see them logically, and hopefully they at least allow you to see where I'm coming from even if you don't agree. But if you're coming to be hateful, maybe you need to start reflecting on where you could start refocusing your energy.


  1. I totally agree. So sorry this has happened. I had this as well and it was so bad that I even closed my blog for a season. But then through my site meter I found the person...and realized who it was that was "stalking" me...and it turned out to be just one person writing nasty things because their adoptions were not going well...and they needed to vent because we have adopted from the same country. That person is now blocked from reading...but if she manages to see my blog, I will just delete her comments.

    I do allow anonymous only because I have a few very close "bloggy" friends who do not have a blog or anything like that...and their comments are ALWAYS encouraging.

    So I totally understand...and everyone has to do the best for themselves. Your blog is an encouragement to me and even if down the road I might not agree...well, that is my problem and I would never voice it LOL.

    You keep doing what you are your blog.


  2. This was a lovely and gracious explanation. I haven't had any people like that, but I think I would try to avoid reading them after I caught the first glimpse.

  3. SO sorry that you have had nasty comments. I think you are a remarkable young lady that inspires me to better - better Christian, better wife, and better mother.

  4. I left a (hopefully not nasty) comment (although not nasty, I hope thought provoking) on another one of your posts..sometimes Google puts my name, sometimes it doesn't....(I don't really seem to be able to choose, I don't have a blog) if my comment came up anonymous, my name is Rebekah...however I ask that you not use a last name if it shows up (I think that's just common respecting privacy courtesy, esp. since I choose not to have a blog).


I love to fellowship with others and hear what they have to say. I would ask, however, that you be mindful of what you write and try to be uplifting and respectful. Thank you for sharing!