Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Social Media Bullying and Gay Marriage

If you have been on facebook recently you may have noticed the sharp up-tick in the number of gay marriage posts. People are changing their profile pictures to support equality for the right to marry. It is interesting how only those who support gay marriage feel compelled to post all over their pages about it. Many people do not support gay marriage, and I see nothing about that on facebook. Probably because we all know what would happen: lots of nasty comments and angry friends.

It is amazing how social media bullies people. Or maybe I should say, the media in general. The media tends to be liberal, and spouts their ideals all over the place, and we wonder why society ends up catching on to what they say. It makes me sad that they feel the right to say whatever they want and tell me my convictions are wrong. Even Christians are now buying into all of this.

I saw this great quote on facebook the other day:

I do not agree with gay marriage because I do not agree with homosexuality. I believe it is a sin, whether I want it to be or not, whether hollywood tells me it is or not. God's word and opinion comes first, and the Bible calls homosexuality sinful. However, there is rampant sin in every one of our lives. It doesn't make any of it good, or acceptable, but it is there. I cannot stop loving someone simply because they are homosexual, but just because I love them does not mean I agree with their homosexuality. I can be compassionate towards them even though I have my convictions.

I know many gay people, and am even related to a few of them. I also friends with and know people who were born liars, manipulators, prideful, and quick to anger. I myself was born with sinful tendencies, and some of them I am still struggling against. But the decision to act on my natural tendencies are my own, and I hold that true for homosexuals too.

Do I agree with homosexuality? No. Do I think that homosexuals should be allowed to legally marry? No. We live in a sinful society that will accept and legalize these practices (it is only a matter of time). However, that doesn't change how God feels about this or how he has always felt about it. We have to remember we live in a changing world, but our God is constant and steadfast. He is the same God to us that he was to the Israelites coming out of Egypt.

How do I react to homosexual people? I love them, passing on the message and attitude that encompasses God's love for me which saved me from my sin. If they ask me my opinion, I tell them the truth in love of my convictions based on the Bible. All the while I remember that my job is to make disciples and make God known to those around me. I seek to bring those around me into a relationship with Christ, and that is only done if the truth is shared in love. And I pray. I pray and I pray and I pray that God will open their hearts and minds and give me courage to continue to stand for my convictions and minister to them.

One thing that scares me about this current movement was brought up by a former pastor I know who said "Do they think marriage equality stops at homosexuals? Do they think that redefining marriage will stop there? What about bigamy, or incest, or people who have object fetishes? If marriage should be equal for anyone who loves each other, what about a father and his daughter? What about several people who love each other? What about a woman who wants to marry the Eiffel Tower? Where do we draw the line? If we want to be "equal" then where do we say the beginning and end of perversion is? Once we start redefining marriage, we open a whole new can of worms.

I am writing this knowing I will probably get some hateful comments. Knowing I am going against what many people believe. However, I want to give all of you who think like me a bolster of courage. Stand firm. Don't give in to the world's convictions, and remember that being a Christian has never been easy in history. You have nothing to be ashamed of to be in Christ, and to know his truth. So stand firm, show love, and remember that you are supposed to be impacting the world, not the other way around.

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  1. Excellent post. I've been feeling the same way and have hesitated posting anything about my own opinions on social media. I would much rather have a sit down conversation with someone about our different views then blanketly post something on fb. However, I actually saw this quote this morning and did share it on fb because I thought it was too good not too!

  2. Yes, social media is interesting. I think the hard thing about it is that it's not exactly a conversation, and it in some cases actually discourages conversation.
    I am not on FB because I don't find it constructive to engage with people on there at all. It takes too much time and I find there are too many misunderstandings.
    But I do find it sad how many Christians will compromise their faith because of a fear of man.

  3. This is fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to write out your thoughts. It's such an encouragement to read your blog!

  4. What a great post. I loved reading it.😊

  5. Thank you for standing up for Truth and saying it in love. You're right that the media bullies us and pushes it's views on us. Most people are more content to follow what the popular opinion is than to do any thinking for themselves. As this viewpoint becomes more to be the "socially accepted" one, even Christians are having a hard time being rejected by the world when they take a stand for Truth. So they are giving in and caring more about the opinion of men than of God. I'm thankful, however, that it makes us examine ourselves and think about what it means to follow Him whatever the cost is...

  6. Great Job! You did a very good job writing this post, it's very encouraging and I agree with you 100%. Thanks for being bold, may God bless you!

    In Christ,

  7. I'm a Muslims girl. But I honestly can't believe how much we think alike, this is the messaging I've been sending out since I discovered what homosexuality was a few years ago( I'm 16 and lead a very sheltered life) if gay marriage is legalised its gonna make way for some perverted and wrong relationships to become acceptable. I'm honestly scared for the future generations , I don't wanna live I a a world where incest is legal. May Allah save us all, ameen.


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