Friday, March 15, 2013

Tank top adjustment

When I reevaluated my modesty standards a few years ago, my wardrobe did not magically change with me! I still had lots of clothes I no longer felt comfortable wearing (most of which has been donated as I have found more modest replacements at thrift stores). There were some clothes that I owned which could be made modest with simple layering tanks.

Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees here and I have not been able to afford the purchase of more modest tank tops, especially, when I have lots of tank tops which I could use for layering if there were just a bit more modest.

So last week I finally sat down to do a project I've been wanting to do for a while: modify my layering tank tops to make them more modest.

It was super simple and mostly just a matter of sewing the straps a little shorter.

This tank was one of my favorites in my old wardrobe, but it has a low scooped neck so I haven't felt comfortable wearing it for a while. In this photo the right strap has been shortened and the left is the original.
The final result is so much more comfortable, but I may still end up shortening it a bit more.
Another tank which was previously too low is now perfect for making this sweater more suitable.


  1. Good idea!! I never thought to do that with my tank tops.
    Low suits me for about half of them, as I wear them under t-shirts so I can pull them down to nurse, but I never thought to adjust the others.

  2. Looks lovely. A good reminder that we don't always have to throw our immodest clothing away--there might be a quick fix. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow!! I am in love with your tank top. It’s amazing. I love wearing t-shirts but would like to try tank tops this time. Will shop from a reputed online store. Would love to buy few leggings too. Hope will get best quality and affordable clothes in budget.


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