Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I've fallen into the bikini hole in my past. I owned more bikinis than I cared to admit, and they showed more of my body than I should have ever put on display.

I know that we live in a culture where Bikinis are commonplace. We see them everywhere, worn by all types of women, even little girls. It is sometimes difficult to judge things that are so common when we see them all the time. However, one only has to stop and think how bikinis rarely cover any more than a woman's underwear. Does modesty somehow not extend to the swimming pool or beach?

Take a moment to hop on over to The Modest Mom Blog and read her great post about the history of the bikini and how we as Christians should not be so enamored with them.


  1. This post is such funny timing- I just wrote a blog post on my changing views on bikinis yesterday!! Feel free to check it out!

    -Miss ALK

  2. OOh I really don't like bikinis! I think all women should boycott them, modest or not. They make women so hard on their bodies, starve themselves and work out for hours. And like you mentioned, they often show more than underwear! I have always preferred one pieces (plus they hide my stretch marks) ;)


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