Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Today is a very special day! Corner of Joy turns 2!


Honestly, that is a little hard to believe as I feel as if I am still just getting started.

When I started this blog, it was in response to the energy and excitement I felt at finding the blogging community. I found this little niche when I started googleing different topics and questions I had about modesty, debt-free living, etc. I found that most of the helpful resources out there were blogs by women just like me. I wanted to share some of the insight and guidance I have received, and hopefully provide some of the guidance (or at least explanations) to women who are searching just like I was (and still am).

When I decided to become a Christian 5 years ago, I felt so lost. I didn't have anyone or many resources to turn to. Finding the blogging world really helped me to feel confident in some of the decision I have made regarding my faith and lifestype, but it has also introduced me to an amazing group of ladies who are supportive and like-minded. I like to imagine how wonderful it would be if all my blog friends were my neighbors! You all give me hope in my search for more kindred spirits to surround myself with.

So in honor of the 2nd anniversary of this blog, allow me to share with you MY favorite 15 out of Corner of Joy's 361 posts:)

1) Why Muslims need Christians to understand them
2) Do you deserve to be happy?
3) Being a Christian in front of those who aren't
4) Praying for Provisions
5) Population Control
6) Social Media Bullying and Gay Marriage
7) My Story: Birth Control and Infertility
8) Allowing yourself to be feminine
9) My Modest Journey
10) How to deal with modesty nay-sayers
11) Unusual ways to save money
12) Fighting the "I want it NOW" culture to live debt-free
13) A Terrible Keeper of the Home
14) The E-word: Excess
15) Do-it-yourself Jewelry Rack

And of all the dozons of outfits I've posted on this blog, do you want to know my favorite? It's THIS ONE.

Thanks for visiting Corner of Joy and I'd love to hear in a comment what YOUR favorite Corner of Joy post is.


  1. Happy Anniversary! I read many blogs, mostly health, style (I love anthropologie blogs), parenting, yours is definitely my fav. Christian/general lifestyle blog. I love it because you're honest about your past & your struggles! Thank you!:)

    Love your skirt sales too!

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