Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Modest Pinterest Fashion

This time of year depresses me a little. Wherever I go, all the Summer stuff is on sale, and everyone is talking about Fall already. And while Fall has many wonderful things about it, all I can think of is the Winter that follows which means knocking snow off my car, slipping on ice, huddling inside, and terrible driving conditions. Booooo

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. We do have plenty of time left to enjoy the warm weather and Summer fashions.

If any of you are avid Pinterest users and follow me, you will see that I have a board called "Fashion" where I glean modest and feminine fashion ideas and inspiration. I hope you will all hop on over there occasionally, but if you don't, I occasionally highlight some of my favorite finds here at Corner of Joy.

As I've mentioned before, my approach to fashion is "modern modest". I wear skirts almost exclusively, but that doesn't mean I need to look frumpy! But when I started dressing modestly, I had very few avenues for inspiration.

Modest Pinterest Summer Fashion #1: Printed Skirts
One great fashion for the rest of summer (and all year, really) is printed skirts. I know how easy it is to just jump into the super easy and functional khaki or jean skirt. But take a look at some of these great skirts, and maybe you will change your mind, and your look
Such a simple outfit and yet so fun. I only wish they would make an option that looks like this and is long enough for 5'10" me.

Doesn't this outfit just scream Summer? I love the skirt and how it goes with the necklace perfectly. I wasn't into the giant necklace thing until I saw this outfit. Maybe it could work if I had this exact same necklace.... and outfit

Ok I'm not sure about the white glove, but I love this calico skirt. In fact, I love the idea of any calico skirt. It brings Little House on the Prairie to mind, but the cut of this skirt is definitely modern enough for me.
This skirt is just so cute and fun, and paired with a simple top (and perhaps a modest cami underneath), it is such a fun Summery look.

Modest Pinterest Summer Fashion #2: BeltsI used to wear belts when I wore jeans most of the time, but I haven't worn one since then. Pinterest is making me sorry that I haven't!
I already know that I would wear this outfit without the belt if I owned it, and I would be missing something! LOVE the tiered cotton skirt too. So modest, cute, and probably quite cool too.

I love the fashion on the Fresh Modesty blog, and this outfit is no exception. And again, the belt really seems to make this whole outfit look so much better (and the awesome headscarf).
This may be my new favorite modest look EVER. I love the simplicity and sweetness of it, and the skirt looks so comfortable and functional. It would work for any season! (By the way, there is a link to buy the skirt if you click on the pinterest link)

Modest Pinterest Summer Fashion #3: ChiffonI have been seeing chiffon everywhere on Pinterest, and I have been so in love with the sweet, flowy, pleated look
This gorgeous chiffon skirt somehow allows this girl to pull of those floral wedge shoes. (And notice the yellow belt too?)

This look is great because it combines print and chiffon. I also love the fun ruffled shirt. And yes, this is a Mikarose look, so feel free to purchase it for yourself.

This outfit gives me tingles. The very pretty, flowy chiffon skirt, the fun belt, and the eyelet shirt (which I hope isn't as see-through as it looks to be).... (sigh of love)

Well that's about it for this round of Pinterest fashion. I will have to dream about these looks from afar, as I am not buying any clothes due to the Little One I am pregnant with (speaking of that, we will be getting an update on our ultrasound today and will know if our baby is safe or not. Prayers needed, and I'll update you all as soon as I can!).

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  1. Some of these I have pinned on my Feminine Inspired Closet board too. Pinterest Inspired me as well on how to make modest outfits more fun!



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