Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts on Moving. Can you help us?

My husband and I have been tossing around ideas for our next step in life. While we have enjoyed our life where we are for the last few years, we only moved here for my husband's job (beggars couldn't be choosers during a recession!). However, with several years of experience under his belt, and the wish for a weekend off now and again, we have been seriously considering a move. We are looking for our forever place and know that where we are now isn't quite right for us. First of all, it is VERY liberal, and the limited number of churches has made finding a church home very difficult (we are currently "settled" in a church, but have not committed to become members).

So now we have this super daunting task of deciding "what next?".

Here is what we are looking for:
1) A conservative town
2) Size doesn't matter, but it needs to have manufacturing companies for my engineer husband to find a job
3) A conservative non-denominational or Baptist church presence
4) Character! I love a cute towns, such as those with pretty downtowns, zoos, libraries, old buildings, stone hedges, cafes, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, parks, and the well-cared-for feeling
5) Affordable. I would like to be able to afford a place with a roof.
6) Preferrably in the mid-west. While we have tossed around other regions, we just really think it is important to be close enough to our families to pop over for a weekend visit without buying a plane ticket. That said, we are open to considering all options.

So, this is where you come in! I would LOVE to get your input! Where do you think my husband and I should think about moving? Have you read about/traveled to/lived in a place which would meet some of our requirements? How do you think we should go about finding a new place to live?

All comments and suggestions would be appreciated!


  1. Has Arkansas every crossed your mind? Specifically, Northwest Arkansas? Fayetteville is a college town, this is true, so there will be liberal elements. However, it also has TONS of churches. Also there are other cities in NW Arkansas such as Bentonville, where the Walmart headquarters are. This area of the state is higher income, yet housing is super affordable. Also the crime rate is very low. Technically it is in the South, but it's so close to the Midwest!

  2. If you are thinking midwest the Grand Rapids, MI area is great. About 2 hours away from Chicago. I lived there in college and loved the Christian conservative community. The Christian Reformed church is probably the most predominant in the area, but there is a wide range of other options. Downtown Grand Rapids has really gotten nice over the years and there are a few small-town cuter places nearby, i.e. Holland, Grand Haven, etc. Pricing wise depends on what area you are in, but I have several college friends who bought houses within the surrounding areas - Ada, Hudsonville, Grandville, right after graduating/getting married. I lived there for 4 years during college (2 on campus, 2 off) and really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint would probably be that it isn't that diverse and they tend to get a lot of snow because of the lake effect (although I'm probably moving to MN so it's not like I can really comment on moving to the cold/snow! lol.).

  3. I couldn't recommend my neck of the woods (it's not in the Midwest for one), because it certainly doesn't have any cute shops or places with character! I would however, say that if you have any inclinations to move a little more to the "country" go for it! I wish I could contribute more, but I certainly hope you find a great place! I know how important where you live can be. :)


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