Monday, September 30, 2013

Quote of the Week: Contentment

If you have a murmuring spirit, you cannot have true cheerfulness; it will generally show up in your countenance and your voice. Some little fretfulness or restlessness of tone will betray it. Your cheerfulness is forced, it does not spring up freely and healthily our of your heart, which it can only do when that is truly at rest in God; when you are satisfied with His ways, and wishing no change in them. 

I think that one of the biggest issues women in particular struggle with is contentment. We set up a vision of what we want our futures to look like, and when/if God doesn't deliver, we become sad and bereft.

Yesterday I was with an old friend for the afternoon. When we were younger we often talked about our plans to get married in our early 20s and have kids while we were young. I often talked about the 7 kids I wanted to have and she often talked about her dream wedding which had to happen by the time she was 23. Well, if you look at our lives now, I am 26 and far from my 7 children goal. She is 26 and not married, and in fact has not even met a candidate.

There was a bit of sadness in her as she told me of her commitment to her career as an alternative to the real plan she wanted: to get married and have kids. It hit me like a ton of bricks that contentment is something we all struggle with so much. When God's plan doesn't match our plan, do we earnestly seek His will or do we become sad that things didn't go our way? Do we bury ourselves in worldly pursuits to cover the pain of a plan gone awry, or do we devote ourselves to pursuing a life of meaning and service no matter what that may look like?

I am so blessed to have come to a place of contentment with my motherhood situation. I am hopeful and prayerful that someday I will have children, but I am not despondent that I am not a mother yet. Instead, I am looking at this time as an opportunity to serve in other areas.

Are there areas in your life where you struggle with contentment and trusting in God's perfect Will for your life?

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