Saturday, October 12, 2013

Corner of Joy?

What's in a name? When I decided to start a blog, it took me a long time to think of a name. In fact, when I finally thought of the perfect name, someone else had just taken it!

No grudges here; I am a huge fan of Growing Home, and I love the name of my blog now. But at the time, being sent to the drawing board after thinking for days about the perfect name didn't feel so great.

Corner of Joy ended up becoming the name of this blog for a few reasons:

-My middle name is Joy! Many people refer to me as Amy Joy, and I have always been a huge fan of the word "Joy". I am known to buy things that have that word on it. So it made sense that this blog had one of my favorite words, and part of my name, in the title.

-When I started this blog, I was struggling with not having the Christian support system around me after my move to a different state when I got married. Finding blogs written by other Christian women was like a breath of fresh air for me, and I was so happy to be able to feel support, even virtually, from other women like me. That is where the word "Corner" came from. I envisioned a corner coffee shop, where I could sit with a cup of something warm in my hands and have real, meaningful conversation with other Christian women. We could encourage each other, share ideas, challenge and support each other. That is what I envisioned because that is what the blogging world had become to me.
-"Corner" also has a second meaning. I was a little nervous when I started this blog. I was still discovering and struggling a lot with what Christianity would look like in my life. In fact, I am still struggling, and I expect it to be a life-long journey. When the world is difficult, when Christianity is really hard, when I am struggling and not feeling particularly happy, it is nice to know this little Corner of Joy exists.

So as much as Growing Home seemed to fit, I am more happy to have settled on Corner of Joy. This place is my little online coffee house, and my safe place. I don't hesitate to tell my struggles on this blog, because I also learn from others' struggles. I don't hesitate to tell you all that I am pregnant as soon as I find out, because I know that either way I am going to tell you all if I miscarry again, and your encouragement and prayers mean so much to me. My husband knows about many of you, since I often share things from your comments and blogs with him. If heaven has neighborhoods, I hope we are all neighbors!

So what's in a name? Everything.


  1. The name of your blog is perfect! It is such a joy to drop by for a visit with you. The blog world is an amazing way to connect with other like minded Christians, for encouragement and support. And your blog does just that. :) Praying for you!



I love to fellowship with others and hear what they have to say. I would ask, however, that you be mindful of what you write and try to be uplifting and respectful. Thank you for sharing!