Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taking off your clothes = Maturity?

There is a phenomena in this world that began a few decades ago: women began taking off their clothes to show their maturity and independence.  These days, for young celebrities to break out of their naive, kid images, they need to take their clothes off, pout their lips, and make sure every man in America gets the message that they are women to be lusted after.

And of course children watch as their idols go through this sexual transformation and want to be just like them. When I was a child, children dressed like children. We played with toys and watched sesame street. Now you have only to walk through your nearest girls clothing section at any store to realize that young girls no longer want to be young girls; they want to be mature. And as we know, in our culture maturity has come to mean inciting lust through a lack of clothing. Mature now means SEXY.

So is it true? Does taking clothes off show maturity? I once had a roommate who dressed quite provocatively (in her defense, she was from a country where dressing like that was the norm). She used to always tell me I should "show off my body more" and "what do you have to be ashamed of?". She thought my covering my body was a sign of low self-confidence. She didn't understand that keeping my body covered was a sign of respect for myself and my brother's in Christ. I told her that a woman shouldn't get her confidence from getting attention for her looks. Confidence should not be reliant on external factors.

What it comes down to is a matter of heart. Modesty is more than just covering your body, it is an attitude and expresses itself in your dress, beliefs, and acts. It is a state of belief that there are more important things out there than yourself. Modesty is a belief that it is more important to express how you can give rather than what kind of attention you can get for what you have.

Maturity is having the ability to look at your body as a gift for your husband or a house for your soul. Maturity is being able to recognize that self-confidence is taking the focus off of yourself and putting it on others. Maturity is being able to respect the men around you enough to allow them to see you as a woman and child of God, not a body to be lusted after.

Maturity is having confidence in who you are in Christ and caring about HIS opinion, not that of lust-driven men.

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