Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Wedding + A Babymoon + Sharing "Real" Life

My husband and I went away for a night in order to attend a friend's wedding. We were tentative about going to the wedding, simply because we knew I would be over 31 weeks pregnant with the twins (and the wedding is 3.5 hours away). But I've been feeling really good ever since we got our new bed, so we decided to go.

Victoria was dropped off with close friends for the night, and she had a blast hanging out with their daughter, who is 1 month older. They are two peas in a pod and enjoy spending every moment together. 
Their hand-holding is just too cute!
We left our dog (Ginny, who just turned 1) in the care of our neighbors, who would have her at their home during the day, but in our home in her crate at night and while they were at work, and we were off. It is weirdest feeling to turn off your "mommy radar". I constantly felt like I was missing something.

We enjoyed every moment of it, though. It was like a small babymoon! Just some time having fun together and celebrating with friends before the babies come. We drove to the area of the wedding the night before and stayed at a hotel so I could rest and put my feet up for the night before the wedding the next morning. 

The day of the wedding was gorgeous and the venue was amazing. We enjoyed the perfect weather with a lake view and flowers everywhere. I managed to get a maternity dress for the wedding from Zulily for $25, which is quite a steal considering how much maternity clothes usually cost. I was just happy that at 31 weeks pregnant with twins (and measuring the same as a 39 week singleton pregnancy), I managed to look somewhat put together and take a photo I love with my dapper hubby.
I wish I had gotten a better photo of my hair, but I managed my very first "complicated" half-up do thanks to a very easy tutorial I found. It only took me only a few minutes to do after curling my hair, and it held all day.

We went home straight after the wedding, and joked the whole way as we watched my feet balloon up from the ride. Oh the joys of late pregnancy! 

We picked up Victoria and headed home to find our poor dog had been sick while we were gone. Our neighbors had done what they could to clean up and help, but it was A MESS. Our house smelled like dog bodily functions, and we spent the next 2 hours scrubbing everything down to try to take care of the mess/smell. Then came the baths for Victoria and the dog......

And let me just say: it was all the LAST thing I wanted to be doing after a tiring car trip with swollen feet and aches and pains. Plus, what a way to scrub off the romance of our little getaway! 

But as Andy and I knelt next to the bathtub, scrubbing our smelly, miserable dog, we looked at each other and just started laughing. We made jokes about never leaving home again, about reality smacking us over the head to make sure we don't get too comfortable after our weekend away.....

But in the end, we both agreed: We would change nothing about our life. This is what marriage is. THIS. Scrubbing our stinky house and dog TOGETHER. We are teammates in this life, working together, complimenting each other, fighting through the muck together, and praising the Lord through it all.

Life isn't always glamorous over here, but I know there is no one I would rather share it with. 

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  1. You look great! Sorry to hear about the dog mess - we've all been there and it is no fun!


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