Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Best Homemaking Purchase I've Ever Made

I am in MAJOR nesting mode. I told my friend today that I think being pregnant with twice the babies means twice the nesting, because I feel like an organizing and cleaning monster these days. No area of my home has been left untouched, and I am wondering if I can bottle up this feeling to save it for later when I am feeling less inspired. (Wouldn't that be Ah-Mazing?!?!)

Nesting me decided I needed a better and more efficient way to deal with the bane of my existence: THIS TILE
This whitish tile goes from my front door, throughout my kitchen and dining area and into the powder room. I'd like to replace it someday with something a little prettier, but it works for now. The problem with this tile is that it looks filthy all the time. White tile is a terrible idea in your main traffic areas! Sweeping and mopping this daily would take almost an hour. Not to mention the fact that my dog and toddler would usually end up running through my path to re-spread whatever I had just swept up.

I'd had my eye on a lightweight vacuum to deal with the area, and it was sitting in my Amazon cart for months before I finally decided to purchase it. And several months later, I can tell you that this little vacuum is the best homemaking purchase I have ever made:
***This is an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage should you choose to purchase this vacuum.

The highlights of this amazing little machine include:
--It weighs less than 5lbs! Victoria can easily pick it up
--Because it is so light weight, taking it up and down stairs while pregnant or even holding other things in your hands, is super easy
--It costs less than $30! The price fluctuates and right now the price is only $23 (I paid $28)
--It easily and quickly cleans up my hard floors. I don't have as much success with it on my carpet, mostly because it doesn't have a rotating brush. (but the lack of rotating brush makes it ideal for not scratching hardwood floors).
--It converts into a small hand-held vacuum easily by removing the handle and wide bottom. I use it to clean my car and stairs that way
--It empties super easily and quickly

I have converted several friends and family members who have come over and tried out my little vacuum. It seriously has been a life changer for me. I can just easily plug it in and vacuum under the table after mealtimes, and a full vacuuming of the entire tiled area in my home (which used to take me at least 20 minutes to sweep) now takes about 5 minutes.

The ONLY thing I would change about this vacuum is that I wish the cord was a little longer. I have to unplug and replug it once to vacuum my lower level, but I'm ok with that. Having a shorter cord also makes it very easy and quick to put away.

I seriously cannot recommend this vacuum enough! Although Victoria is a little disappointed she no longer gets to "help" me dump the dust pan after sweeping.

What is the one Homemaking purchase that has helped you the most? I'm always looking for recommendations!

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