Thursday, October 6, 2016

Twin Pregnancy Update: 37-38 weeks

Well, you officially know it is a 2nd pregnancy when the photos are selfies from a cell phone and the updates come somewhere in the middle of the week! But I have a feeling I might have these girls soon, so I wanted to get this update in the books. This photo was taken at 37 weeks

How far along? 37 weeks and 5 Days
Baby Size: Probably somewhere around 7 pounds each
  Total weight gain: Around 55 pounds
 Maternity clothes? I've actually been struggling to fit into my larger maternity shirts. They barely cover my belly at this point. But we are in the home stretch!
Stretch Marks? Yes :( and it's been a little tough for this former vanity queen. I only got a few very light ones with Victoria. This time I knew I'd probably get them much worse, but it has still been hard. Yes, I know my body is doing amazing things. Yes, I am so grateful for these two precious girls. BUT, I do struggle with giving over all of myself to my children, including scarring my body for life. I'm working through it though
Sleep: Not too bad, actually. Better than with Victoria
Best moment this week: Blowing up the birthing tub and getting things ready for them to come. Everything is becoming very real!
Miss Anything? Honestly, I've just reached the point where I'm ready to have my body back to myself. I want to be able to bend over, maneuver, and walk around again without so much effort.
Movement: Babies are both head down and spooning each other. They move around and wiggle a lot, but they don't have a whole lot of room to do too much. Nothing like having 4 little feet poking you in the ribs. 
My movement is different every day, but mostly I've been told by my midwives to lie down and do nothing....which I'm not very good at obeying. But I am definitely taking it easy a lot more 
Food cravings: Sugar. The bad kind ;)
Gender Prediction: We found out at 20 weeks that we have 2 girls on the way!
Symptoms: Swelling all over, but mostly my feet and legs (I miss my ankle bones!). Achy back, lower belly, and hips. Vericose veins and stretch marks. Heart burn. All the good stuff :)
Labor Signs: I started having prodromal labor a week ago every morning around 3-4am. This is real labor and mild, painful labor contractions that taper off after a couple hours. I had this for 2 weeks before I had Victoria, and I'm having it again this time. It is a bit frustrating wondering every morning if this could be it! But it is reassuring to know that I am probably very close to having these babies!
Mood: Antsy. Ready to meet these babies!
Looking forward to: Meeting the babies! Not really looking forward to the whole labor/painful part, but I am definitely feeling ready :) 


  1. You look great, you've made this twin pregnancy look easy! (I know you've been honest about some of the harder parts but still, you're glowing!)
    So excited to hear their birth announcement very soon.

  2. Oh you are getting so close! I keep checking back for updates!!!

  3. Wondering if you've had these precious babies yet?

  4. Hope you are doing well! Are babies here?


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