Sunday, October 23, 2016

Twin Pregnancy Update: 40 weeks and counting

Well here we are! In all of our 40 week, due date, sleepy faced, no makeup, grainy cell phone photo glory! Are you as surprised as I am that I have made it this far?

How far along? 40 weeks 1 day
Baby Size: Probably somewhere around 7.5-8 pounds each
  Total weight gain: Around 55ish pounds. I honestly haven't been checking, since my swelling causes so much variation at this point. 
 Maternity clothes? I barely fit into any of my clothes, even maternity. Notice that maternity shirt in the photo barely covering my belly? 
Stretch Marks? Yes. I got barely anything with Victoria, but this time around is quite different. I am currently measuring 48 weeks pregnant, so stretch marks are just inevitable. I am so grateful for all my body has done growing these babies, but my vanity is struggling with this new change.
Sleep: Not too bad, except for those nearly hourly bathroom trips.
Best moment this week: Passing a non-stress test (our first ever) with flying colors. I do not believe in induction without a medical indication for it, and babies and I are all doing great. 
Miss Anything? I miss a lot of things but right now I just want to be able to move and care for my family again like normal.
Movement: Babies are both head down and spooning each other. They are quite squished in there, so movements are quite subtle at this point.
I have finally hit a wall in the last week or two, in which I am barely able to walk around my house, much less do anything else. The aches and pains, plus the pressure on my hips from 15+lbs of baby has become very tough to work around. My husband has pretty much taken over the care of our home and toddler at this point.
Food cravings: Sugar. The bad kind ;)
Gender Prediction: We found out at 20 weeks that we are having 2 girls
Symptoms: Swelling all over, but mostly my feet and legs. Achy back, lower belly, and hips. Vericose veins and stretch marks. Heart burn. Lots of contractions. All the good stuff :)
Labor Signs: I have had 2 serious false labor episodes in the last 2 weeks, both which lasted 8-10 hours and had full-on labor contractions every 4-5 minutes. It was very frustrating when these episodes ended with no babies in my arms. I've been having a lot of contractions and been feeling like they will come "any day now" for several weeks. It feels like running a marathon and not knowing where the finish line is. 
Mood: Antsy. Tired. Exhausted. Ready to meet these babies!
Looking forward to: Meeting the babies! Let's do this!


  1. Amazing! Full term with twins is awesome! Good job mama! I keep checking back for updates! Prayers for a safe and easy delivery!!!

  2. Wow, 40 weeks! You have done amazingly well. Excited for you, really not long now, lol!

  3. Wow, Amy! You seriously look amazing. I know you probably don't feel it and I totally understand because people would tell me that too, but I never believed them. I know how frustrating false labor can be, but I hope that your labor ends up being faster and easier as a result of it, as mine did. You are such an inspiration for doing things naturally even with twins and give me a lot of hope (since twins run in my family)!


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