Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Victoria's New Room

A couple months ago I posted the first photos of our twins' nursery. Some of you noticed that the decorations where the same as Victoria's nursery. This is one of the reasons I went with more of a gender neutral palette to begin with: it can be reused with all of my children.

(More on the twins' room in another post to come)
When we moved all of the decorations and furniture out of Victoria's room and into the twins' room, I wanted to make Victoria's room something fun just for her. Because we went more gender neutral with her nursery, I wanted to make her room a little more feminine, while still making it restful. I also wanted to spend very little money on the room makeover. 

So with a budget of $100, I set to work deciding on a theme. What I decided to go with was Victoria's Aden Anais Dream Blanket:
This was Victoria's 1st birthday gift from us, and she sleeps with it every night. It is a perfect toddler-sized blanket in super soft, quilted muslin. We spend lots of time cuddling with it. I just loved the colors and whimsical design of it (the pattern is called "Once Upon A Time"), so I thought it would make a perfect palette for Victoria's big girl room. 

Picking paint colors is not my forte, so I actually use Pinterest a lot to help me choose. I pick out a few colors and I look them up on Pinterest, where I can see photos of rooms painted those colors. In the end I decided on Sherwin Williams Vaguely Mauve for Victoria's room, as I didn't want anything TOO pink or lavender.

My parents came in June and helped my husband paint the room
Here is what her room looks like now:
We love that great space-saving bookshelf in the corner, I purchased it a while back from Joss & Main because I needed something with a small profile for Victoria's small room. It holds a ton without taking up much floor space.

 I spray painted these butterflies with fun, purple, sparkly spray paint from Rust-Oleum.
I finally finished putting together her First Year frame, which sits on her dresser. I am quite sentimental about photos and baby books and such: I am the 4th kid and my parents took very few photos of me. I am not sad or bitter about that, of course, but I am determined to be better about documenting each of my children individually. I set alarms in my phone to remind me to take photos and fill in the baby book!
On the other side of her dress is a lamp we already had plus a crown bank Victoria received for Christmas last year from family.

We also just purchased that sound machine from Amazon recently when they were on sale. I never had a sound machine or anything when Victoria was little and followed the advice of everyone to just make noise and she would get used to it...... NOPE. After months and months of boycotted naps and grumpiness, I have accepted the fact that my child is as light of a sleeper as I am. I decided to save my sanity and get a noise machine for when the twins arrive. I now have one in Victoria's room and will have one in the twins room so all the children aren't waking each other up. It's been wonderful so far and I wish I'd had one sooner.

 This shelf and everything on it is something we already had, so no money spent there!
I made this wall hanging after a few months of staring at the blank space above Victoria's bed. It need a little "something". So I went to the craft store and purchased a large sheet of burlap paper, some pretty floral craft paper, and ribbon. 20 minutes later with the help of scissors and a little glue, I had this cute simple wall hanging for above her bed.
We purchased this bed on Craigslist for a great deal. Since we moved Victoria's crib to the twins' room because it matched the other furniture, we purchased this 2nd crib with the intention of using it as a toddler bed for a while, then as the 2nd crib for the twins' room. I also purchased the matching sheet to Victoria's Dream Blanket for her bed. And yes, she insists on sleeping with all of those stuffed animals every night! :)  We will upgrade her to a regular bed next year sometime.
The glider was going to go into the twins' room as well, but my mom came to visit in June and saw how much Victoria loves to sit in this glider and read her books. My mom actually surprised us by purchasing another glider for the twins' room so Victoria could keep this one. It was a very sweet gesture, and I am happy we still get to snuggle in it together every night before bed (although I am not fitting as well in there as I used to with this big belly + Victoria!).

The curtains were a simple purchase from Walmart, and I've been very happy with the quality for the cheap price (we paid $20 total for the rod plus curtains).
Because Victoria's old dresser had the changing table topper on it, it was moved into the Twins' room, and we gave her my old childhood dresser. It was very chipped and yellowed with age, so we gave it a fresh new coat of paint (Sherwin Williams Snowbound), and I spray painted the hardware gold so it looked new again.

So that is it! I ended up spending just over $100 total on her room, not counting the purchase of the crib. In the end, though, we love the room and how sweet and feminine it is. 

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