Tuesday, December 13, 2016

11 of My Favorite Christian Christmas Gifts

I love giving gifts. It is one of the ways in which I show love to those around me. And receiving gifts is also special to me as well. Not because I get stuff, but because I enjoy physical tokens of someone's affection. I enjoy thinking about the time and effort someone put into picking out something they knew I would love and enjoy.

I do try to give sentimental gifts as well as fun/helpful gifts. So I've attempted to compile a list of my favorite Christian-esque Christmas gifts. These are all things I (or someone I know) have either received or given, and I am sharing them because perhaps you have someone in your life (or yourself!) who would benefit from them this Christmas :)

Just an FYI, there are NO affiliate links on this post, so I don't make any referral money from suggesting this items to you. I am simply sharing ideas of things and where to find them.

1) 7: An experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker
This is one of my all-time favorite books. Jen Hatmaker is a very engaging writer. And even though I did have to power through the first 20 pages or so while she introduced everyone, I found this book to be not only personally and spiritually challenging, but a very enjoyable and funny read. I have gifted it to almost all my relatives and close friends.

2) The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones
This was recommended several years ago by another blogger, and I looked into it then. Since then it has been gifted to Victoria twice, referenced by several Christian bloggers I enjoy, and it has even been referenced by my pastor in a Sunday sermon! It is an easy to understand Bible storybook that references all of the stories to Jesus. So it isn't just that Noah was good an obedient, but the story is tied to Jesus to show the need for a savior in the world. It is SUCH a great book and shares the gospel in a way that anyone can understand.

3) Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide to Money By Dave Ramsey
There are a lot of great Dave Ramsey books, but this one is essentially a mirror of his Financial Peace University. It is very engaging and easy to understand and follow. My husband and I really enjoyed it.

4) Toddler Bible Songs by Cedarmont Kids
When a friend gave us this CD for Victoria's 1st birthday, she said "this is one of the few kids cds where the kids can actually sing". You will appreciate this when you child asks you to turn it on for the 100th time! I love this CD and so does Victoria. I hear her singing the songs from it constantly (and there is nothing cuter than hearing a 2 year old singing out the gospel as we cruise through the grocery store). There are several different CDs, and they are all less than $5. Victoria will be getting the Hymns cd in her Christmas stocking.

5) ESV Journaling Bible
I asked my mom for a new Bible for Christmas last year, and this is the one I got. I absolutely love it. It is written in paragraph format, which I love because it reads more like a book or letter rather than verse by verse. The pages are also a bit thicker, so it is easier to write in. The ONLY minus is that the text is a little small, but it really doesn't bother me at all.

6) Fisher Price Little People A Christmas Story
What a great way to introduce the story of Jesus' birth to your children. I love that the kids then get their own little nativity scene (And don't touch my more breakable one!) and can play with it and absorb the story and characters.

I enjoy reading novels, and I find it hard to find ones that are clean and have a good message. I actually got this book in audio format from my library, and it was only after I got halfway through it, and heard the gospel message woven throughout, that I realized it was a Christian book! It is a beautiful love story, but more about finding forgiveness and grace than anything else.

8) How Good Is Good Enough? by Andy Stanley
This book really made the gospel click for my husband. He surrendered his life to the Lord after reading this tiny book. It is small, and an very quick read (you can read it in less than 2 hours). I have several copies on-hand at all times and give them to people a lot, as it really explains the gospel and salvation in a way that is logical and easy to grasp.

9) Chronicles of Narnia box set By C.S. Lewis
Because I truly believe every adult or child needs to read them!

10) Comfort and Joy by Erin Bates
I've been enjoying this CD very much this year. Every song is a beautiful duet between piano and violin.

11) My First Bible Stories from QED 12 book set

I'm going to drive you all crazy by having an odd number of items on this list! This book set was recommended by a friend, and I purchased it when I saw it on Groupon for such an amazing price (link in the title is to groupon). I received them and really love them! They are very engaging and beautifully illustrated and written, 6 of the books are old testament stories, and the rest are about the life and ministry of Jesus. Victoria will be getting most of these for Christmas, but I have been reading the Birth of Jesus one to her already.

So there it is! Please leave any of your favorite recommendations in the comments!

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