Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Everything in its Season

Hello friends. I am so sorry I have taken this long absence. I didn't intend to take such a long time away initially, but the Lord has been pressing on my heart that I need to reprioritize. Sadly, that has meant that I am putting some things on the backburner, and this blog falls into that category.

When I started Corner of Joy, I was a newly married woman with no children. And while my posts became a little more sporadic once I had my first child, having the twins has made just keeping up with daily tasks a huge undertaking. Yes, I know there are these amazing mamas out there with 10+ children who somehow are able to find a few minutes to blog, but it seems I am not one of them. 

My husband just went through a season of working 7 days of week for almost 7 months. Until recently, he only had 3 total days not working this year so far. It has been crazy, and I'd like to say I walked through that season with no complaining, but I didn't. I was more exhausted and stressed than I have ever been in my entire life, and I knew that I needed to simplify life as much as possible just to keep some sort of sanity and joy in my home. 

I watched a video recently that talked about creating a priorities list in your life, and learning to say no to things based on those priorities. It doesn't necessarily mean I am saying no to things because they are bad, it simply means that there are some things that do not fit into this stage of my life. I am saying "not right now".

Based on the priorities I've outlined for myself, I've had to say "not right now" to quite a few things: pretty much all hobbies like sewing, playing music, recreational reading, and blogging. I now have the freedom to say yes to things like Bible time, beginning homeschooling my daughter, keeping my home clean and organized, finishing house projects, and becoming a leader in my MOPs group. The only real hobby I have been able to hang on to is exercise, and I'm clinging to that one tightly with both hands!

That said, I am missing blogging quite a bit, and have been brainstorming on some changes that will allow blogging to fit into my new life with 3 little ones. I am not gone forever from this platform, but I am having to say "not right now" for a bit longer. 
I am always sad when bloggers fall off the map, as I grow to know and love them and their families. So with that in mind, let me share a little update about us. 

My twins are 7 months old already (!!!)
Charlotte and Analisa
Charlotte is two pounds lighter than her younger twin, but she is very spunky and full of energy! She is trying so hard to move (I am actually watching her try to crawl as I write this). Analisa is so smiley and sweet, and doesn't care as much about moving around as she does interacting with people. Both babies are so mild-mannered, and I feel so blessed to have settled into a new normal where I am not always running around like a chicken with my head cut off with these two. 

Victoria will be 3 in just a few weeks. 
We have entered a more challenging stage of parenthood, as she is beginning to challenge established norms and rules. I am learning to pick my battles (how many times she changes her clothes every day=less important, how quickly and thoroughly she obeys=more important). She is into everything princess right now, and more often than not she is dressed up in a play dress and fake crown of some sort
She is the best big sister and oldest child that I could ask for. She is so helpful and loves making her sisters laugh. I worried when I was pregnant that she would not get enough attention with twins around, but she has never shown any jealously towards her sisters. 

I am settling back into a normal routine after the craziness of my husband's work schedule. It was awful, guys. I was a stressball and constantly felt like a impatient bear. I had so many moments when I thought "THIS is what those wild-eyed, messy-haired, yoga-pant-wearing moms must feel like!". 

But, as I said, things are settling down and I have my husband home more. We have also hired a girl from my church to help me with the kids Monday mornings so I can accomplish herculean tasks like putting away laundry (it is now normal to have anywhere from 3-5 baskets of clean laundry hanging around my house waiting to be put away). These things and the babies getting older and a bit more predictable have helped me get my head on straight, 

Some days I feel like I am just trying to keep us all alive, and I am sometimes shocked to have accomplished it!
No makeup, messy hair, but we are surviving
So I promise, I will be back here. But for right now I am doing what I need to be doing here: wife-ing and mom-ing. I love you all and am continuing to pray for you. 


  1. It is so good to hear from you Amy! And that you are doing well and adjusting to 3 littles. :)

    I have had to learn to prioritize with my new little guy around. It has been hard to say no and to let go of some of the activities I have always loved doing (ie blogging,sewing...). But for my sanity sake, a clean house has been needed more. :D

  2. Sounds tough! Good to hear from you. Nothing wrong with setting priorities, but glad you're holding on to some you time too X

  3. Oh, girl. I could have written so much of what you have said because I have been in those same places (still am in some instances!). I've done the same in regard to blogging. I love it and miss it, but time for such hobbies is just so difficult in a season of all little ones. There will come a time for such things, but, yes, "wife-ing" and "mom-ing" are priorities. Praying for you and your family during this season. You're certainly not alone. Look forward to reading another update whenever that may be. :)

    P.s. Whoa! 7 months old already?!

  4. Wow! The girls are getting so big! I was getting worried since I hadn't seen an update! Glad that things are going well!!!

  5. Thanks for the update, Amy. Good to know everyone is well. Embrace the crazy season as it flies too fast and believe this mama you will long for it once it is gone. My three boys are now all teenagers and their older sisters are all grown... this is a great season, too but I sure miss those days.

  6. I completely relate! I'm 26 weeks pregnant and keeping up with a very active two year old and ten month old who is already walking is so hard. All we can do is keep them alive. .. and yes be surprised we are doing it! :p

  7. So happy to see an update as to how you all are doing. I have two boys very similar ages to your children and have really enjoyed following your blog and feeling as though I wasn't alone and someone could relate. Also have been just so encouraged by the things you have shared along the way.


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