Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Perfect Angel

My Christmas tree is angel-less. I just could not find an angel that I liked. I'm not into the fiber-optic angels, and a lot of them just seem so fussy. Plus, I wanted an angel with a beautiful face, and for some reason that was hard to find.

So Monday I went out shopping to see what kind of after-Christmas deals I could get. One thing I have learned this last year is that the best time to shop is when I don't think of shopping normally. That means I usually shop off-season or well ahead of time. If I see a good deal on something I need or will need someday soon, I buy it. That means I end up buying Christmas gifts all year. So Monday I bought lots of Christmas wrapping paper, a beautiful Christmas tablecloth, AND......


Isn't she just perfect!? She was in the checkout line at Jo-Ann fabrics, the last of her kind. Originally $29.99, I got her 70% off  (so $8.99). I just love her holly wings, her fur-trimmed dress, and how she is so different from all the other angels I've seen. I'm so happy I held out for her!

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