Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Year of Babies

So I expressed before how this year is already special for me because I will become an aunt for the 3rd and 4th times due to my sister- in-law having twins. What a blessing! What I didn’t mention was that this year is turning into the year of babies.

First, let me explain what 2011 was: the year of weddings. My husband and I went to 8 weddings last year, and that was after we didn’t go to 2 which we were invited to. 10 wedding invitations in 1 year! They say that marriage numbers are falling, but we really were not experiencing that.

It only suits then that 2012 is the year of babies. Besides my twin nieces/nephews who will be arriving in late spring, my husband’s cousin is also having twins. Those babies are due just 2 weeks before my nieces/nephews. So 4 babies all at once in the same family. On top of that, my cousin’s wife will be having a baby in March, and my good friend just found out she will be having a baby soon…. Goodness. It is only January and I am already seeing that this will be the year of babies.

Of course in my zealousness I am very involved with the planning of each of the showers, and I am also crocheting baby blankets so much that I am afraid I will be getting carpal-tunnel syndrome.

I adore babies and just love being a part of the precious moments in the lives of those around me. But I can’t help but wonder if God will make 2012 a year of babies…. for me?

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  1. I pray that in His mercy and love He does!

    Last year I was knitting so much for babies that I got a knitting blister and then callus on my right middle finger. When I had my blister I thought it was the lamest injury I've ever had.

    Also- I've only just caught up on your blog after some crazy weeks and I am so glad you are well! I've been praying for your health.


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