Friday, February 10, 2012

Moving Day!

Ok it is more like moving weekend. I AM SO EXCITED! My husband and I are moving to a new apartment today just 500 yards or so away from our current apartment in the same complex. However, instead of our 1 bedroom/1bathroom apartment of just 890sq. ft., we will now be in a 1275sq. ft. 2 bedroom+den/2bathroom apartment. We hope to live there for at least another few years while we save up enough money to buy land for our future home, which we plan to build debt free. So hopefully this will be the apartment we will have our first child(ren) in:)

So let me introduce you to my new home:
This is the layout of our new place. We will be using our den as a 3rd bedroom whenever we have a baby.
Here are some pictures before we have it decorated:

This is our front door. We are on the 2nd floor

Our Living Room view from the front door

Our deck

The Dining Room and Kitchen


I'm very excited to have more counter space

Our giant walk-in closet. the 2nd bedroom also has a big walk-in closet

the master bath (aka MY bath). Stay tuned for when I show you how cute I'm going to fix this room up:)

Our nice big master bedroom
I'll get some photos in later of this place furnished. But for now, this is all I've got:) Thank God for his blessings!

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