Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Kitchen Transformed

We save money by living in an older apartment complex. We love it here, but we have to make do with not having the nicest flooring in our kitchen. So I had these rugs on the floors:
They are my mother-in-law's old rugs, which she very kindly gave me. While I am very grateful to have them, they are not very "me". Plus, they have seen better days. They used to be green and white, but the white is slowly becoming more and more beige, no matter how many times I wash them.

So today I went to Kohls with two 20% off coupons to shop their big weekend sale. Amazing! I managed to buy 2 new rugs for the kitchen for about 75% off the original price.

So now my kitchen is much more "me" with my new rugs!
I love bright colors and think that poppys are the prettiest flowers. My husband is definitely more of a beige guy, but even he admits our kitchen looks so much nicer.

As a quick side note, I managed to get another great thing at Kohls:
600 thread count sheets! YAY! And I got them for about 75% off. My current sheets are lower quality and I am not very happy with them, especially because they are always a wrinkly mess, and have started pilling after just 6 months. So that is why I'm happy that these are:
There is nothing better than getting into a bed with nice sheets, don't you think?

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