Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Girl Room

One of the beautiful things about marriage is that you get to share everything. Everything is "ours". That is wonderful and beautiful as you begin to build a life together. However, the idea of having a space all to myself is very compelling. I even read somewhere that it is the best type of gift to give someone with my temperament:)

So when we moved into our new apartment, my husband was so sweet and told me I could have 1 room just for me: the master bathroom. I didn't expect how excited I would get when he told me this. A room all to myself? That I could decorate just how I want it without thinking about compromising for the sake of his masculinity? I was very excited.

So I started by finding some 2nd hand treasures for the bathroom. It wasn't until I found a pretty lace shower curtain at the thrift store that I realized I was going to make my room over the top girlie. I NEVER would have done this before. I am quite girlie, but I have never been a super pink frilly girl. And isn't it funny how society looks down on those girls anyway?

Well I decided I'm going to allow myself to be as feminine as I want to be, and apparently that is very feminine. It's taken me months to find the perfect decor for my bathroom and I am so happy with what I've come up with. Yesterday I found the perfect towels, which I've been saving up to buy, and now they are mine! So here is my girlie room:
It's a small room, and here is the entrance from our bedroom

I wish the counters weren't ugly, but I distracted with a pretty pink diffuser, faux cala lilies (my favorite flower), an amish candle in a pretty glass jar, a small picture on the wall from a thrift store, and a power blue soap dispenser and cup.

Towels were the hardest to find. I got these at Target. When I was buying them, the checker said "wow you must have a very understanding husband". And I do:)

I love my mini lamp with a rose on the side, serenity prayer candle, and rose pictures. All are 2nd hand.

New pink rugs, and a pretty lace shower curtain. Eventually I will get a light blue curtain to hang behind the lace one for it to show through.

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  1. Very cute Bathroom, I love it! You did an Amazing job



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