Saturday, June 16, 2012

200th Post Giveaway!

I realized last week that I was approaching 200 posts on this blog. After almost a year, Corner of Joy has developed into a place of encouragement which I envisioned when I started. I hope you have also been encouraged by one thing or another which was posted in the last 200 posts.

So I decided to mark this occasion by offering a giveaway to one of you. I thought all this week about ideas which would help grow faith in Christ and put the focus on him while also provide encouragement to one of you ladies who have come to mean so much to me.

So here is what I have decided to give away:
I just completed this 8 week bible study book on Biblical womanhood, and I decided a while ago that I wanted to give away a copy of it. This Bible study completely changed my life and the way I look at womanhood. The ladies who wrote this take a macro approach which can apply to any woman's life. Over 8 weeks I slowly began to understand more and more who God has made me to be. I promise you will truly enjoy this book.
This book is only about 90 pages and takes only about 2 hours to read. We were given this book by a man at our church and it is the book which brought my husband to Christ. I, as a believer, found this book to be so incredibly useful as a "back to basics" thesis on why Christianity is a logical faith to follow. It has helped me to share the Gospel in a much more effective way.
The last part of this giveaway is a $25 ebay giftcard. I love ebay and have found it to be a great resource for frugal living (I love buying 2nd hand!). Many of my modest skirts are ones I have found on there.

To enter into my giveaway, simply do as many of the following as you wish. I will be announcing the winner on Friday, June 22nd. Let me know in a comment which of the following you do so I can give you the correct number of entries

-Comment on this post with the name of your favorite post or post topic from Corner of Joy-- 1 entry
-Follow Corner of Joy (you get credit if you already are a follower)-- 2 entries
-Share this giveaway on your blog-- 3 entries

***Note to my International friends: you are still welcome to enter into the giveaway. You will still receive the books and another gift to replace the $25 ebay giftcard (which is most likely not valid in your country).


  1. Congrats on 200 posts and well done on creating this beautiful blog. :)
    I love your quote of the week posts best :) You bring meaning out of such small quotes sometimes and I really appreciate it.

  2. I love the outfit posts!!!

    amber dot marie dot piers at gmail dot com

  3. Also, I forgot to add that I follow you (I'm subscribed I think, not GFC), and I blogged about it!!!

    amber dot marie dot piers at gmail dot com

    DEFINITELY hoping I win. :)

  4. I really enjoy your debt progress updates, it's encouraging to see what God is helping you achieve with your finances as you seek to honor Him :)

  5. It's so hard to pick a favorite,there are so many good posts, but I think "Being A Christian In Front of Those Who Aren't" was one of my top favorites!!! I guess I haven't ever thought about changing who I am to please others, but when others question me is when I struggle with how to answer and to say the right thing at the right time, in the right way. I also loved the post about modesty!!! May the Lord Jesus richly bless you for putting your all into serving Him!!!!
    In Christ, Sarah

  6. I really like your quote posts. And the home kinds of ones! ;-)

  7. I like the Housewife State of Mind. I also enjoy outfit posts.
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  8. I follow via GFC :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  9. I follow via GFC
    entry 2
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  10. Hello! I have enjoyed reading all of your posts, but I absolutely love your Modest Wardobe posts!! As a fellow Christian, I have been struggling lately about wearing modest clothing and wearing skirts only/mostly. It is very nice to see the modest outfits that you put together and how feminine and fashionable they are. Thank you for what you have done with you blog!

    6 Entries:
    1 - Comment
    2 - Follower of your blog
    3 - Shared on my new blog (

  11. Oh exciting!

    6 entries:

    1. I love your clothing posts and also your posts about your frugal living ideas!

    2. I follow your blog.

    3. I posted about your giveaway on my blog:


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