Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frugal December

Are you confused? Usually the words "frugal" and "December" do not go together. But I always save a little bit of money throughout the month for after Christmas shopping. The number one way that I have learned to live debt-free is to avoid surprises as much as possible and plan ahead. That means shopping in the off-season and shopping intentionally.

Usually I begin making a list in November of all the after-Christmas items I will begin looking for. If there are Christmas decoration items I want, I scout them out and buy them after Christmas and use them next year.

This year I really wanted to purchase a nice nativity scene for my mantle. But a nice nativity can cost quite a bit of money, so I looked all throughout the Christmas season for the scene I wanted and went back for it on December 27th. I ended up buying a gorgeous set I already had my eye on which was originally marked $69.99 for about $23
One thing I loved about this scene was that each figure has a bible verse printed on them about the birth of Christ. Definitely a good deal worth the wait, and I am excited to use it for years to come.

After Christmas I always buy all my wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, etc for next Christmas. I end up loving myself the following year for doing this. One reason is because I hate cheap wrapping paper that tears when I use it. So I usually buy nice wrapping paper after Christmas at seriously reduced prices.

And as always, I always look for wrapping paper with a reminder of Christ on it.

These rolls of paper are very very thick and only cost me $2.50 (reduced from $8). They will probably last me 2 years because of how much paper is on each roll.

I also usually buy Christmas cards for the next year, but I have enough left over from this year to last until next.

After Christmas I bought some pretty silver stocking holders (I was using tape before to attach them to the mantle). They were originally $17.99 and I got them for only $4 each after Christmas
(My optimistic husband wanted to get an extra one in case we have a baby by next Christmas)

I also look at after-Christmas sales for non-Christmas items. This is usually the best time to buy clothes, as retailers are slashing prices on winter items and the selection is still very good. I noticed I needed a new pair of boots, as my old ones were starting to leak. I ended up finding a pair at Kohls. I got a pair of $99 boots for just $30
and my new boots look perfect with my skirts!

So if you have a few dollars you can scrape together this time of year (and I know it is usually a little tight after Christmas), this is the best time to get some of the items you may need/want for next year. And believe me, your future self will be so happy with your present self for all the forward planning!


  1. Great finds!! I love the boots, they're beautiful! :)

  2. What a wise shopper - they are all such great finds :)


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