Thursday, October 17, 2013

Turn-Around Thursday

Turn-Around Thursday is a silly game I play that reinforces one of my life philosophies: "Turn that frown upside down".  God promises us in his word that our lives will be full of difficulties, but our attitude when facing situations makes all the difference.

So here are my Turn-Arounds for this week

1) My shower head has been dripping for a week now, and it keeps me up at night. 
Turn-Around: I am thankful I have a shower, and the dripping is a bit soothing when I am up multiple times a night anyway making trips to the bathroom.

2) I just had to pay $120 for my first driving ticket since I was a teenager. My offense? Failing to stop completely at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere on a country road. 
Turn-Around: Perhaps that $120 will somehow help pay off the national debt? No that one is weak. Perhaps I have finally learned not to be such a terrible driver? No that one is weak too. Perhaps I'm a little too bitter still to turn this one around...... Ok I got one! How fortunate am I that $120 doesn't severely damage my finances? I am grateful for all of God's many provisions.

3) My husband just found out he will be working this year during his plant's Christmas shutdown. With both of our families out of state, that means we will probably either have a lonely Christmas day (his only day off), or we will be exhausted from driving quickly to see my husband's family.
Turn-Around: Perhaps this means family will come to our home this year for Christmas? And even if we are tired from driving for 1 day only to see my husband's family, I think we are still very lucky to have such wonderful people that we WANT to go see.

Do you have any turn-arounds this Thursday? Don't be shy, share them in a comment:)

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  1. Such a beautiful & inspiring post! :) For myself... I'm sick and my oldest 2 are sick and we have concert tickets tomorrow night - The good - I think i'll be well enough to go and i'm able to mostly rest & relax this weekend to take care of myself. I don't have to drag myself to an out of home job, or worry that we won't be able to put food on the table because of missing "work hours".


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