Tuesday, November 12, 2013


My husband is so hard working, and he is also the kind of man who never wants anything. If you look up the word "minimalist" in the dictionary, his photo is probably right next to it.

We usually keep birthdays pretty simple, but I decided that I would make his birthday extra special this year. So I asked him if he wanted a new set of golf clubs (I knew his were in bad shape and not the right length for him) or if he wanted to go to Montana. His best friend moved to Butte, Montana earlier this year and I know that my husband has been wanting to visit him there.

He took about 2 second to decide and told me he wanted to go to Montana. So I saved up for a few months and was a Kayak.com phantom for a few weeks, waiting for the perfect price, and VOILA! I ended up getting an AMAZING deal on two airline tickets. It was such a good deal, that it was cheaper than the gas it would have taken to drive (even our fuel efficient Honda Civic).

So on my husband's birthday we left for Montana and spent 5 days there. It was a great time, and so beautiful. We actually had unusually warm weather: 60s in late October. The only thing was, if you know anything about me, I am not a nature person. I like looking at nature, but I don't really enjoy being in it. I was positive the entire time I was there that I was going to be eaten by a bear.

Here are some photos from the trip

Butte, Montana

60 degrees with snow on the ground. Weird!

A hike to and dip into a natural hot spring

After several delays getting us home due to some snow storms, we walked out to the car at 2am to find a totally flat tire. My husband changed it.....while I took photos.

Another interesting aspect to this trip was that I didn't know I would be pregnant when we booked it. I was crazy nauseous all day every day while we were there, but I pushed myself to get up and out and tried my best not to complain. It ended up being a great distraction from feeling terrible.


  1. Beautiful pictures! We traveled to Montana a few years ago and it was so much fun! Such great scenery! Glad you were able to take such a fun trip!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! Glad you were able to have a little get-away with your husband :)


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