Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Operation Nesting: Fix Dining Table

I think putting together Operation Nesting was the best idea I've ever had. I've been very productive lately, getting projects done and planned that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Last week I was able to fix my dining table, which was just amazing, consider I thought it was ruined. This is the dining table set I was given by my great aunt and uncle.
First of all, please take note that three of the chairs are covered in green microsuede, and one (The one closest to the camera) is still not redone. That is yet another project I need to finish as part of Operation Nesting.

But if you'll look at the actual table you'll see some lovely white ring marks. This table is EXTREMELY sensitive to heat. Every one of these rings occurred through a table cloth and with mugs or dishes that were not very hot.
The above picture shows how these rings marks vary in intensity and cover the entire table. I have been keeping the table hidden under a table cloth for a while now, but we decided recently that we will not be using a high chair for our little one. Instead, we will have a kids chair clamped onto the table, so we can't use table cloths most of the time. I knew I would go nuts if I didn't figure out a solution for the marks on the table and had to stare at them every day in the near future. 

So after lots of research online, I found a couple ideas to fix the marks. After trying several of them, I finally found one that actually works! I was shocked how simple, easy, and quick it was. 

These are the only items I needed to fix the marks:
 Yep, that's it. All I had to do was lay the towel down, turn the iron onto the highest steam setting, and iron the table through the towel for about 20-30 seconds. Then I would lift the towel and wipe off any moisture left behind. The marks literally disappeared
The only issue was that the table looked a bit dry after the ironing, so I used some of the wood butter I made to condition the table
Just a little wood butter went a long way. I dabbed this cloth into it and then applied a very thin coating onto the table. After about 15 minutes of letting the table soak in the butter, I came back and wiped off any excess with another cloth

And here is the result!

Which means I can cross off another item on my list


  1. Amazing how easy of a fix that was! It looks beautiful!

  2. DIY! One of the interesting things to do! The table was all furnished with one idea such as yours. It’s too hard to think, but easy to. Thanks for these wonderful tips and good luck for the operation nesting!

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