Friday, January 3, 2014


In case some of you don't know, I am a tea fanatic. I LOVE IT. I used to drink it just occasionally, but living in Turkey taught me to love it and enjoy it every day. Now I start and end my days with tea, and my husband has even started drinking it almost as much as me. (He's a particular fan of Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea)

I often describe tea as like getting a hug from the inside. I enjoy all different types of tea, from black to green to white, from fruit flavored to plain, from caffeinated to decaffeinated.

Here is the proof:

In my tiny little kitchen, I have two full shelves dedicated to tea. The top shelf is full of different types of tea (and yes, there are more behind the boxes you see), and the middle shelf has all different mugs, including traditional Turkish tea glasses (on the far right). My favorite teas come from Adagio teas, which I usually buy online. My favorite is their White Peach tea, which is very light and yummy. It's perfect also if you are not a big fan of tea, as it is very light and low on caffeine

Several months ago I noticed that my sister-in-law had a new electric water kettle for her tea (she is a big fan too). It was very fancy, but my husband reminded me that I have a perfectly fine water kettle of my own and I didn't need a fancy one like hers. I decided to be content with what I had, only to be surprised when my sister-in-law bought me a water kettle just like hers for Christmas.

My old kettle on the right compared to my new kettle on the left

The funnest part is that the new kettle heats water to different temperatures based on the type of tea I am making. It also has an option to keep the water warm for a while. I was able to give my old kettle to a friend, and am now happily enjoying my tea from my new kettle.

Are any of you tea drinkers? Do you have any favorite flavors or brands?


  1. I love raspberry tea, green tea, and especially Stash's White Christmas tea. It's so light and delicious. And it was really, really helpful when I had morning sickness since it has peppermint and ginger!!
    That water kettle is very neat! We have a simple one that I use quite often - they're so convenient.

  2. I love tea. My cabinet looks a lot like yours with many different varieties! Plus, I have an entire drawer of my desk at work filled with more tea. I start my day with a large mug of coffee, but then move on to tea for the rest of the day.

  3. I absolutely adore tea!!!!! I usually get mine from Teavana. The earl grey creme is awesome. Earl grey with just s touch of something extra.


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