Monday, February 10, 2014

Christian Quote of the Week

The highest form of worship is the worship of unselfish Christian service.
-Billy Graham 

It has been a while since I have posted a quote of the week, but I want to get back to doing this. Every Monday I post an inspiring Christian quote and my reflections on it. As much as this blog is about fashion, homemaking, pregnancy, etc., I want it to first and foremost be a blog where women can receive Christian encouragement. 

This quote spoke to me this week because it reminds me of how important service is in the life if a Christian. I remember the great metaphor that your faith should be like a river, flowing and moving and giving, not like a lake (aka stagnant). 

But one thing I have been reflecting on a lot lately is how Christian service does not need to be something big and glamorous. It doesn't necessarily need to mean feeding orphans in Africa (although that sounds so wonderfully fulfilling). No, having a servant's heart means simply serving in whatever capacity and in whatever situations you find yourself. 

Last week and weekend I got to be the un-glamorous servant of my husband, as he had the flu. I made sure he was comfortable, made him food, consulted with the pharmacist when no medicines were helping him sleep, and tried to anticipate his needs. My poor husband was so appreciative in the end. I saw a need, so I stepped forward and did my best to fulfill it. By putting others first and not seeking self-fulfillment, I have found that I end up feeling fulfilled anyway in the end.

So as you wipe the snot from your baby's noses, clean up after your tired husband, wash dishes for the 8 millionth time today (no exaggeration), and complete all those other wonderfully un-glamorous acts of service in your life, remember that ervice isn't just a part of your faith, it is the ultimate form of worship to our wonderful God.

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  1. I have felt the gentle nudge of the Spirit encouraging me to make some changes in my life for several months now. As I've sought to act on those promptings, I have done a lot of searching and am so happy that one of those searches led me to your blog. As I have read through so many of your posts I have felt truly uplifted and inspired. Thank you for taking the time to put your thoughts and your faith into words and sharing them with us/me. May God bless you and your growing family. :)


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