Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby Showers!

I love baby showers. In fact, I love any kind of shower. I love knowing that something I buy is going to help a new couple establish their home together, or raise their children. It has been very special to be on the receiving end of two baby showers in the month of March. WOW were we blessed with so much love, support, encouragement, and (yes) baby stuff.

My husband's family threw my first shower at the beginning of March, and unfortunately I didn't get very many good photos of the occasion. One of the biggest blessings was that several ladies pitched in together to buy us some of the larger items on our registry, so we got all of our furniture from this shower, as well as almost all of the other "large" items on our registry. It was such a relief for us to not have to put out the money ourselves for these large items

Everyone wanted to feel the belly and make their gender prediction

My mom and sister drove from out of state to be at the shower, and I made my husband stay through the entire thing:)

In a sea of gifts

My sister-in-law and my sister helped out a ton to keep us organized
Cutest cake topper ever made from sugarpaste

I had my second shower with my side of the family last weekend. This time I got a lot of the smaller knick-knacks I needed to complete the nursery. It was such a blessing, and my sisters and moms (mom and stepmom) all made it very special and personal. They even decorated with my nursery colors (Red, Turquoise, and Grey).
My husband helped my sister assemble centerpieces (which spider plant babies for a few "winners") while I helped my mom bake.

The room was decorated with the baby's nursery colors and looked so festive!

The dessert table was the place to be. A fruit arrangement, cupcakes, scotcharoos, lemon bars, and cookies

 This was at every placesetting. People wrote out their wishes for baby (I was reading them last night and got all sorts of weepy), and got a package of 6-7 organic teas to take home, since I am a tea nut!
I am a very blessed Aunt. These two little guys are such a blessing and are very excited to meet their new cousin (Who they say is a girl!)
I let my husband escape most of this shower, but he did stay for some of the food
My friend and I matched the decor without meaning to! We've been friends since 4th grade
My sisters and stepmom were wonderful with all the work they put into the party. I am so blessed to have these ladies in my life.

 I got some very special gifts, including this handmade quilt that matches baby's room (look at my sister's reaction haha!)
And a stitched onesie that says "Baby K", which is how I refer to the baby on facebook. That's right, everyone, nearly 3 years into blogging and I have finally revealed the first letter of my last name to you!
One of my other good friends who is just 6 weeks behind me in her pregnancy
With all the gifts I received I am actually nearly done buying things for baby's arrival. Now it's just organizing time!


  1. I haven't read your blog in a while, congratulations on the baby! I love the quilt that was made for you its beautiful. You look great. I think it says your last name in the quilt pic on the cute drawings behind you. Just thought you might want to cover it.

    God bless,

    1. Thank you Stephanie:) I totally forgot about my name on the board!


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