Sunday, March 16, 2014

Baby Update: 28 Weeks... Hello 3rd Trimester!

This morning we had a mission-trip fundraising breakfast at church before service, and both me and my husband ended up leaving because we felt sick. SO this photo is taken after my wonderfully refreshing 3 hour nap (are you digging my bed-flattened hair?)
How far along? 28 Weeks. Third Trimester woohoo!
Baby Size: About 2 1/4 pounds and 15 inches
  Total weight gain: Just under 20 pounds
Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively. I was getting tired of my rotation of 5 or so shirts over and over again, so I was happy to find this shirt in the stack from my sister-in-law. I also have 2 new shirts on order from Zulily, which I got for about $10 each
Stretch Marks? Not yet
Sleep: Hit or miss, but my body pillow has been a life saver!
Best moment this week: Starting to really get the baby's room ready. And as I hugged my husband the other day, baby kicked him really hard. It was like a 3 person hug :)
Miss Anything? More clothing options?
Movement: Baby is still moving a lot, and I can finally feel his/her limbs moving if I position my hand right. I have definitely slowed down lately due to having lots more aches. Now I am mostly walking with my husband and doing my Bradley exercises.
Food cravings: My appetite has not been very good lately, but I still enjoy fruit and lately mint chocolate chip ice cream (dangerous, I know!)
Gender Prediction: We will find out when baby arrives! Both my husband and I are leaning more toward boy. Make sure you vote in the green box on the right side of this blog.
Symptoms: I've started feeling a little more achy in my lower back and abdomen. Pretty much all movements have become a little more difficult
Labor Signs: Nothing yet 
Mood: Still excited! I am nesting like crazy and am just excited we are getting closer and closer to meeting our little one.
Looking forward to: My 2nd baby shower with my side of the family next weekend. Plus getting the baby's room more organized



  1. You look wonderful and your hair is getting so long!! :) Exciting that you're in the last half of your pregnancy now!

  2. Aw, you look so beautiful! My vote is for a girl! It's so fun getting to join you on your pregnancy experience. Looking forward to our shared parenting journeys with our little ones so close in age!

    My maternity wardrobe was very limited and I got very tired of wearing the same few pieces over and over. Unfortunately, I'm still in that place after the baby. Even though I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my clothes don't fit the same. I highly recommend going ahead in preparing for when neither the pre-pregnancy clothes nor maternity clothes fit. (Hint- maxi dresses and a cardigan or other layering piece are amazing). Just once of those things I've learned. hah

    I know you've probably got all bases covered, but I'd rather like to send you a little baby gift. Do you have a p.o. box or other public address you use? Do you even mind if I did this (perhaps I should ask that first)?

    Glad all is going well! :)


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