Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Update: 32 Weeks

Oh goodness, what a terrible blogger I have been. I'm sorry friends! Another 2 weeks have already passed. I promise I will be sharing more this week!

In the meantime.....
How far along? 32 weeks
Baby Size:Varies at this point, but somewhere around 4 pounds already!
  Total weight gain: 24 pounds
 Maternity clothes? Pretty much exclusively. This is a second-hand maternity shirt I got from the Clothes Mentor. Also still wearing mostly pants (maternity skirts have been a nightmare), but looking forward to bringing in more skirts with this warm weather.
Stretch Marks? Not yet
Sleep: It's a little rough, but I guess that is just getting me ready for less sleep when baby arrives!
Best moment this week: We finished our Bradley natural childbirth classes this last week
Miss Anything? I miss my more active lifestyle, without all the aches.
Movement: The midwife said our baby is breech, so they and my chiropractor will begin working to get baby to turn before things get cramped in there. But as of this morning, baby is head down! Yay! I've never been so happy to be poked in the ribs!   My movement is definitely slowing down, but I am trying to get to the gym occasionally.
Food cravings: Anything sounds great these days, but I am addicted to any kind of fruit that is juicy.
Gender Prediction: We will find out when baby arrives! Make sure you vote in the green box on the right side of this blog.
Symptoms: Aches and pains here and there, and I've officially started seeing some swelling
Labor Signs: Nothing yet 
Mood: Thankful. Even during the 3rd trimester when things get a little rougher, I am just so thankful. and happy. and excited. I am already so in love with this little one, and love feeling every little movement he/she makes.
Looking forward to: Receiving most of my beginning cloth diaper stash this week, as well as finishing the nursery. It looks like I should have the nursery done in the next 3 weeks or so (waiting on Etsy projects to make their way here).


  1. You look beautiful! Pregnancy really suits you and I'm very happy that everything is progressing smoothly - especially that the baby has turned! I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and can relate to most of what you've written - if you'll be like me you'll get a bit more uncomfortable in the weeks to come, but it's nothing terrible - all in all being pregnant is great! :D

  2. You still look so great! Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!

  3. Amy Joy-
    I am curious how you got your cloth stash going and what it consists of. My husband and I started buying 1-2 cloth diapers a week around week 20 and we've got a set of 24 right now. We've also gotten a sprayer, pail, soak liners, and drying rack. I plan to make my own detergent and bum spray. I bought some flannel wipes although my friends who do cloth say they still like using the disposable wipes. I'm 37 weeks- we plan to do disposable until our baby is at the weight to wear the all in ones we decided on! Good luck to you!


  4. We used cloth diapers quite a while but with 3 children in diapers that became a little bit to much work I must admit.
    As for wipes, we use disposable dry ones or cloth ones. With both of them, we use "liniment" which is a mix of olive oil and lime water (calcium hydroxide). It's quite common in Europe and you can buy it ready made.¨Good luck!


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