Monday, July 21, 2014

1 month old already!

Can you believe it?! A month has passed already. As of the middle of last week, Victoria has started to settle into a bit of a more predictable schedule. She is a very smiley baby and loves her mama! Although she loves smiling at Dad first thing in the morning.
She's very strong too!
In fact, she only wants to be held on people's shoulders so she can crane her neck around and see what's going on. I often joke that I gave birth to a baby who was already a month old. Since she was born 2 weeks late, I have to adjust all the baby accomplishments ahead by 2 weeks. A girl at my church was due 3.5 weeks after me, but ended up giving birth 2 days before me. Her little girl is technically 2 days older than Victoria, but Victoria is 3.5 weeks older gestationally. We were laughing yesterday together over what a difference those few weeks make in the newborn stage, as her baby is still in the floppy, sleepy newborn stage.

I'm so thankful God gave me the privilege of being her mom, and I am soaking up every moment I can. She'll never be this small again (and probably won't want this many snuggles ever again either!).


  1. She is so adorable! Time sure does fly!! Silas was the same way when he was born, cause he was also 2 weeks late he was very strong with his head right from the beginning!

  2. She's so beautiful! And very strong - so young to be holding her head up all by herself and everything. I had no idea being born a bit later than one's due date made such a difference, but there must be something in it. How is her sleeping? Does she keep you up at night a lot?


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