Monday, July 14, 2014

5 ways to be close to the Lord during busy times

With a newborn in the home now, I am busier than I ever thought possible. Who knew that such a small little human being could take up so much time? I often find myself shocked when my husband is calling me on his way home from work. Is it that time already? Where did the day go?

It's during times like this I find staying close to the Lord a struggle. In the hustle and bustle, God will understand if I forget to talk with him, right? I'll get around to it eventually.


Since when did my relationship with the Lord become a "to-do" list item?

To combat this issue I have thought of ways to stay close to the Lord and to keep my mind on him in the craziness. Here are 5 ways to keep the Lord on your heart and mind even in the craziest of times

1) Memorize Scripture bit by bit
I have an app on my phone that allows me to save verses for memorization. When I am up at night nursing my daughter, when I am waiting in a waiting room, when I'm going through a carwash, or pretty much whenever I have a minute or two of down time (literally, a minute or two), I pull out my phone and look at this verse app. I am currently in the process of memorizing Psalms 34:1-10. I am not the best at memorization, but every day I learn a little bit more and commit a bit more to memory. It will honestly probably take me a month to memorize the entire thing, but I am repeating the words of this passage constantly, and it keeps the Lord on my mind.

2) Never say Amen
The idea here is that prayer is a continual thing; an ongoing conversation between you and God throughout the day and night. I think we often feel like we need to have 15+ minutes set aside to say this big elaborate prayer. The result being that we end up not actually doing it! If you begin to think of prayer as an ongoing conversation, then you will do it. I find myself chatting with Him as I fall asleep, when I get up in the middle of the night for one reason or another, when I stop at a stoplight, etc.

3) Read the Bible with your spouse
No matter how tired you both are, no matter how much is going on, read the Bible together every day. It doesn't need to be a lot, it can take less than 5 minutes, but do it. Not only will it get you into the Word, it will allow you an opportunity to build your faith together with your husband. My husband and I try to read 3 pages in the Bible every night. This doesn't always happen, but we try. Sometimes we do only one short chapter. But we do it.

4) Get into a Christian community
Perhaps a MOPS group, a Bible study, or even just making an effort to spend time with other Christian woman you know. We have a stellar zoo in our city, and many of my Christian mama friends have season passes there. I go there almost weekly with one of them and walk the zoo with Victoria in her stroller. It is a great opportunity to fellowship with other Christian mamas in a kid-friendly way. The Christian life was never meant to be lived alone.
* If you don't have any Christian friends, make an effort to find some (or even just one)! I moved to our current city after our wedding 3 years ago, and I didn't know anyone besides my husband. I made a strong effort to seek out other Christians in the area, and my efforts were not in vain. Find a church and get involved.

5) Have Christian media playing throughout the day
I have a Bible on CD which I found at the thrift store. Just turning that on and having it play in the background while I care for Victoria or cook is a great way to get connected with God. I don't hear everything, but I will tune in now and again and really benefit from it. Another great media resource is Moody Radio. You might have this in your city, or you can listen online like I do. I always find what I hear there inspiring. Or simply turn on some Christian music as the soundtrack for your day. These provide great nudges and allow you the opportunity to learn and think and connect with God when you otherwise probably wouldn't be (such as when you are folding laundry or cooking at the stove).

What are some ways you use to keep connected with God when you are busiest?

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  1. These are very good tips. I especially like the one about never saying amen - it makes sense and yet I've never thought of it. Thanks!


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