Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Goals: Week 4

Well hello there. Happy Friday to you. Are you all looking forward to nice long weekend ahead? My husband will actually be working this weekend, so Victoria and I will be on our own. We plan to go to a farmers market tomorrow. We will be missing my husband, but all those extra hours are good for helping us meet our goals to get out of debt (by the way, we are REALLY close!).

Speaking of my husband and baby, I can't miss an opportunity to share a photo

Aren't they so sweet?

Ok, back to fitness.

So how did your week go? Here's something I realized: Fitness is easier the more you do it. I seriously feel so much better lately, and am starting to not dread doing my exercises at night anymore.

As a reminder, here are my long-term fitness goals:
-Lose 21 pounds --- (remaining pregnancy weight + additional 5 pounds I gained after miscarriage)
-Get my wedding ring back on! :( I can't wait for this one
-Go to the gym at least 3 times per week every week
-Go to Body Pump class --- I've seen this class at my gym and have always wanted to do it, but I was too chicken!
-Do 25 regular push-ups every day
-Do 30 lunges on each leg every day
-Do 100 squats every day

Obviously I am working up to these goals, so here are my goals and results from this last week:
Goal: Lose 1-2 pounds
Result: I got on the scale this morning looking for results and.... nothing. This was disappointing, especially after no weight loss last week. That tuna melt, fries, and double scoop ice cream cone on Tuesday probably didn't help my cause. I've lost a grand total of 3 pounds so far.

Goal: Go to the gym twice and complete a cardio workout
Result: I did it! My husband agreed that my gym nights will be Monday and Thursday for right now. So after I put the little one down for the night around 7:30pm, I am off to the gym. I have to say, it is extremely nice and relaxing to have that time out of the house alone. It's great to just shut off my brain and let my husband take care of the little one for a bit if she wakes up.

Both times at the gym this week I spent time on the elliptical, pushing myself quite hard. It feels good to make my body work hard again.

Also, I picked up one of these last night

 THAT is a gym class schedule, and I'm going to be honest, my palms are a little sweaty just thinking about going to one of these. But one of my goals is to attend a Body Pump class, and this is the first step!

Goal: Do a 10 minute solutions pilates video
Result: I didn't do this. I actually started feeling some aches in my abs and think I may have a slight diastasis still. I am wearing a binder for the week to help pull my abs them back together.

Goal: Do 25 modified pushups every day (now that the diastasis workout is complete, I will be doing modification 2 from THIS POST)
Result: I did these, and it was not fun, especially since I usually forgot about it until bedtime. I was doing these next to the bed before I went to sleep. But I did them and I'm feeling stronger

Goal: Do 20 lunges on each side every day
Result: I did these 5 days this week

Goal: Do 50 squats every day
Result: I did these 5 days this week, and am really starting to notice a change in my legs

Ok so now comes the fun part of making my goals for the week. I hope you will join me in my journey and make some goals for yourself too!
-Lose 1-2 pounds
-Go to the gym twice and complete a cardio workout
-If abs are feeling up to it, complete a 10 minute solutions pilates video
-Do 30 modified pushups every day (I will be doing modification 2 from THIS POST)
-Do 20 lunges on each side every day
-Do 60 squats every day
-Pick a date within the next three weeks to go to first Body Pump class
-Don't eat any more tuna melts, fries, or ice cream

Until next week :)


  1. Way to go on completing so many goals Amy! You're doing great! And don't be too disappointed in no weight loss. I had to learn this lesson last year. When I first started getting serious in strength training, the scale dropped just a tad, then stopped for the longest time. My husband graciously told me (a lesson he learned while taking weight lifting classes in college) that unless you are doing only cardio work, you may stay or even gain just a bit of "weight". But the good thing is that "weight" is muscle, which after time helps with fat loss. :D

    I happy for you in the fact you are enjoying fitness! Keep up the great work!

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. Your daughter and husband really are very sweet! :)

    Well done on keeping up your fitness routine so well. And like Angel said, don't worry about weight loss - weight depends on so much more than just fat, or even muscle. Maybe you've eaten something that caused you to retain a bit more fluid before weighing yourself, even that can result in a pound or two! Focus on how you feel and on your fitness level, which you've already noticed has improved. Good luck for next week!


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