Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting Ready in 5 Minutes: My Routine

I am not the type of woman to spend hours on her appearance. Don't get me wrong, I used to be. But personally I believe God would much rather me spend my time on other things than my looks.

But I am always careful to look put-together. I believe there is something wonderful about the beauty that God gave to women, and I believe we do ourselves, our husbands, and God a disservice when we don't embrace that beauty.

So you will never see me leaving the house in sweats unless I am going to the gym. I always try to look somewhat put-together. I do this for myself because I feel better and more energized when I am put-together. I also know that God made men to be more visual than women, and my husband appreciates when I look nice.

So how do I manage all of this with a new baby and lots on my plate?

I get ready in 5 minutes.

And here is how.

First I usually take my showers in the evening or after workouts, and I let my hair air dry overnight (usually). Since I have long hair, this is not too much of an issue. Sometimes I will sleep with it in a loose braid to give me some big waves, but usually I just sleep and plan to deal with my hair in the morning

Which gives me this when I wake up
Nice, huh?

So I usually get the baby dressed and ready for the day, the bring her in my room and put her on my bed for a bit while I get ready. And I give myself 5 minutes to go from the above picture to fully ready for the day.

Let me take you through the process, which I timed while I took these photos

First I get dressed. Sometimes I lay out clothes the night before, but in this case I just went for one of my favorite outfits currently which I wear a lot (being postpartum really limits my wardrobe options....)
Then I put on makeup. I usually wear 3 products daily, with a little extra on days when I have the time or inclination. I wear a little mineral powder around my eyes and nose to even out my skin tone, a little cream blush, and black mascara

And I get this when I'm done, which still looks very natural but makes me look (and feel) more awake. (please excuse the bad bathroom lighting)
Then I move to the mop on my head that I call hair. Usually I look and see if the air-dried result is salvageable. As in, can a few twists of a curling iron or a few swipes with a straight iron allow me to wear my hair down. I decided this was going to be a "hair up" day.

I could throw my hair back into a quick ponytail, but I always try to do something to dress up my ponytail just a little bit. It makes it appear that I've spent more time on my appearance than I have. So I decided to add a braid to it (and use this handy "hair holder")
Then I did a quick ponytail and ended up with this (ignore the weird effect that is going on there with my lips. It's camera or computer error)

 Then I add some jewelry. I always wear earrings, and then a bracelet or necklace too
And now I'm done ("deer in the headlights" expression and all).
This all literally took me 5 minutes. Then I grab my baby and go on with my day. And I don't have to worry about my husband coming home to the frumpy lady in picture #1.

What is your must-have item to feel "awake" in the morning? Mine isn't coffee, it's mascara

Do you also make an effort to look nice every day?


  1. Wonderful! I completely agree with putting effort towards one's appearance regardless of if the day is spent out somewhere or at home. I think of it as part of treating homemaking as a job. If rolling out of bed and wearing something sloppy isn't acceptable in the workplace, then it isn't acceptable in the workplace I call home. Plus, hard to imagine a husband not desiring his wife to put some effort in looking put-together on a daily basis. I also feel that we serve as role models to children for proper dress and presentation of oneself. I only wish I could take only 5 minutes! I probably get done in more like 30 minutes. If I haven't gotten ready before Tennyson wakes up, then it usually takes me even longer. But it does get done every day.

    Thanks for sharing! It was such a fun little post to read this morning! Now, I best go get ready! ;)

  2. You look better in your 5 minutes than I do in an hour! I love how a little jewelry and some real clothes can make you look put together instantly though. I live in yoga pants and tank tops at home. My poor husband. :(

  3. I wake up and the first thing I do is drink a quart of water. I am not kidding--without that I am not ready for my day. Then yes, coffee and make up.

  4. You put me to shame! I never wear jewelry or make-up at home (I hardly ever wear any make-up when I go out, so there's that), and I only comb/brush my hair a few times a week, since it's curly and brushing it makes it horrible. I do, however wear clean and pretty dresses/skirts and re-braid my hair every morning, so I'm not a complete slob.

    You look great! I don't know whether this is the result of your fitness routine, but it's hard to believe you were pregnant just a few months ago.

  5. This is something I need to make a better effort towards. I focus so much on the house and cooking, that more often than not my poor husband comes home to a frazzled looking wife. I really do want to make this a priority though, especially since looking more put together usually gives me more energy. You have such natural beauty, Amy, that you look great in five minutes. I take a bit longer! Haha. I take usually about 15 minutes to do my hair and makeup, and I don't think I could do it in any less. Still, it's quick enough that I really should incorporate it into my day. Thank you for the conviction this morning!

    1. I know, it can be so much easier to just be cozy and get housework done. I think this has been a big adjustment for me, as I have had to stop thinking of home as a place to be cozy and instead think of it as my workplace. And you will see once your little one arrives, it is so easy to have fun getting them dressed and ready for the day, and then completely forgetting about yourself. The way I see it, we all have 5 minutes we could spare on this, so I try to keep things very simple for myself. Ideally I spend more like 30 minutes getting ready, but I know I can spare 5 and then I can be sure it gets done!

  6. I do always make a point to fix myself up nice as soon as I wake up in the morning. I feel ready to face the world when I have my makeup on. Even though I have very curly hair I usually wear it straight. Then I only have to do my hair about twice a week. This low maintenance hair style is a huge time saver. I also keep very few clothes and I always know what I like to wear with what so there is no fussing over what I will put on. I plan my wardrobe for the Fall and Winter in October and then for the Spring and Summer in May. This is good because I hate wasting time, I don't have much room for clothes and I hate to shop. People can't believe I am not a shopper because, and I quote, I always look so put together and fashionable. I spend about 10-15 minutes getting ready for the day but that is a leisurely pace. I could easily do the same in less than 10 minutes.


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