Monday, October 20, 2014

Victoria Rose is 4 months old!

This sweet baby girl is getting big so fast
She is a little under the weather right now with a cold, but obliged her mama by being super cute anyway for the camera.

At 4 months old, she is 27.5inches (100th percentile) and 17.5 lbs (99.5th percentile), which makes her about the size of an average 9-10 month old

She learned how to roll from her back to her front (she learned from her front to her back around 1 month), and we can barely keep her on her back. She immediately rolls over onto her belly when we put her down. I think she likes having a better vantage point to see what is going on.

She's also already starting to scoot a little and get frustrated when she cant reach things she wants. I can't help but think we might have an early crawler on our hands
She is much better at grabbing things she wants and takes every opportunity to capture my hand and shove it into her mouth, laughing the entire time. She definitely has a goofy personality.

And she finds nothing more fun than playing with her daddy.
She has also learned that her carseat isn't quite as terrible as she once thought. That has been a blessing, as we are no longer trapped at home.

She also learned that those stickers I put on her for her monthly photos are removable....


  1. Oh she is adorable! And what a big girl!! she is only a few lbs lighter then Silas! :)

  2. So sweet! She and Tennyson are the same size! :)


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