Friday, November 7, 2014

Family Love

We had some family visit this last weekend and it was such a joy! My mom had surgery earlier this year and doesn't have any vacation days, so coming two states over to visit Victoria has been difficult. So my husband and I surprised her by purchasing a flight for her to come for the weekend.

My mom was shocked that Victoria had grown so much. She hadn't seen her since she was 7 weeks old, so the difference was huge. Victoria is a very big, strong, solid baby, and she showed off her new skills to her very attentive Nana
 Let me tell you, there is little sweeter in life than watching other people love on your baby.

It was a cold weekend so we bundled up Victoria and went for a walk in the sunshine. I try to make sure Victoria gets outside at least once a day. (By the way, I got her little fleece suit in the photo below for just $5 at a consignment sale!)
My brother and his wife also came up from Tennessee to visit. They had not met Victoria yet, so it was a big event for them. My brother expected to meet a cute little baby that would cuddle into him, but instead found my rough and tumble little girl

It was a really wonderful weekend, and this coming weekend my other brother and his family will be coming for a visit.

I've realized the trick to getting family to come visit from out of state is to have a baby! ;)

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  1. How nice that she gets to spend time with her extended family! Apparently babies a little older get wary of strangers so it's important she meets and gets used to them now, while she's still open to them!


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