Friday, December 19, 2014

First Flight! And the start of Christmas

Yesterday I brought this little cutey
On her first flight! It was a little nerve-wrecking for me, as it was just me and her. We will be spending an extended time with my family in the Chicago area, and my husband will follow us here next week.

Victoria did so well on the flight. I really tried to be a minimalist on this trip, but that is almost impossible with a baby. I think I almost developed tennis elbow yesterday as I hauled my 20lbs "little" miss, her car seat, and our carry-on all over the airport. Those body pump classes certainly helped me not buckle under the weight of it all!

But happily we arrived safe and sound, with several remarks from those on the plane about how good she was. Win!

My mom even surprised us with an exersaucer at her home for Victoia to play in. I've never been a big fan of huge kids toys like this, but Victoria certainly loves them, so I've given in.

It's also a safe place for her to look around amidst all the busy-ness or people and dogs running around.

Nana and Grandpa also had fun showing her the train they put under their Christmas tree
From this photo you can see how giant she is getting for a baby who will only be 6 months tomorrow. 12month pjs already!

I am also getting into the Christmas spirit and took the time the other night to put some Christmas jamberry nail wraps on

Have any of you used these before? I love to have my nails polished but I haven't been a fan of it since Victoria started capturing and shoving my fingers in her mouth. Jamberry wraps are great because they stay on for 2 weeks, don't chip, are non-toxic, easy to apply with just heat and pressure, easy to remove, and don't damage my nails. Perfect for a busy mom!

Tomorrow we will have our annual cookie baking day, which will be a great time for much of my family to meet Victoria or see her again after some time.

What are you up to in the days leading up to Christmas? I am a little sad to be spending this time away from my husband, but I know he is probably enjoying the alone time (and dare I say nap time?).


  1. I can't imagine how you carry her in the carseat! Tennyson is about the same size, and has long surpassed my ability to carry him in the carseat. I look hilarious when I try! Haha

    Aw, your time with family sounds lovely! I've not had Christmas with family in such a long time that I'd forgotten about all those wonderful traditions (ie baking day) and just being together for the holiday. My husband works up through Christmas Eve, and so traveling is out. We've tried to do little things that make the holidays special with just our (growing) family. So sweet that you guys are still able to all get together.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! :)

  2. Baby carriers + baby is SUPER heavy! I couldn't have done it! Vistoria really is getting big!!! ☺

    Love your nails.... I am really loving how jamberry works. Sadly I live to far for shipping and at my work they don't like you wearing anything on your nails so it's not worth it to get them. Love the selection though!


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