Friday, June 5, 2015

Jamberry Giveaway!!!

Earlier this week I posted about my love of Jamberries, and as an afterthought I asked my good friend Courtney, who is the one who got ME into Jamberry, if she'd like to introduce herself to you all. So read on to meet her and enter the awesome giveaway she is offering!


Well hello everyone!! I’m super excited and honored to have the chance to guest post on Corner of Joy!! Let me introduce myself – I’m Courtney. Amy and I used to go to church together until 2 years ago when my family moved far north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! My hubby and I have been married seven years and he’s the pastor of a small church up here. We have four adorable children, ages 3 months, 2, 3, and 4! Life is busy and definitely a little crazy but we’re loving it (MOST of the time!!)  ;)

I tried to find a picture of myself but it seems I have 42,000 pictures of my adorable kids and only like 8 of myself, and 6 of those are me in my pajamas with no makeup. So here are the other two:
Me and my 3 year old, Della

Right after our newest baby, Clare, was born. Photo credit Rockhill Studio
I was so excited to see Amy’s Jamberry review, and when she suggested the idea of a GIVEAWAY I was just thrilled!! I LOVE to spread Jam-love and can’t wait to let you in on the details of the giveaway, but first, let me share my Jam-story.

I’m a classically trained pianist and have never had pretty nails because I’m SUPER hard on them and the polish chips right off the first day. No joke – I had a lovely salon French manicure when I got married and it chipped early in our honeymoon. I just figured pretty nails weren’t for me. 

Then, about a year ago, I started hearing all about Jamberry nail wraps. To be honest, I was kind of sick of it! It blew up SO fast among my college friends that for a while it seemed like every day I was invited to a Jamberry Facebook party or two. Finally I decided that if all my friends were in love with these crazy things, I’d better give them a try. Really, I thought all the designs and patterns were way too busy for me, but I picked 4 of the most subtle wraps I could find (they’re “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” – it seemed like the economical thing to do!) and ordered them.
My very first Jamberry manicure, Orchid Skinny (retired)
I was IN. LOVE. They were so shiny and my nails actually looked pretty and feminine!! They lasted for a whole SIXTEEN DAYS and I was amazed. I didn’t try another mani for 5 months, because I’m a SAVER and the more I like things, the less I use them (perfectly logical, right?!). 

My second Jamberry mani lasted another 16 days, but this was through a brutal kitchen floor replacement during which I was chipping up old ceramic tile, splintery subfloor, and working with sticky, gluey vinyl tile. My house was a wreck, I was a wreck, but my nails were still gorgeous!! I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!
The mani that wouldn’t die – Urban Lights
I was so impressed that I decided to host a party to get myself a pile of wraps. My party started and on day one I was so surprised by all the enthusiasm from my family and friends that I decided on a whim to join Jamberry and become a consultant! 7 months later I’m still LOVING my “work” (can I even call it that?!! I basically have fabulous nails and post pictures to Facebook all day. I was doing that anyway, minus the fabulous nails…). And as time goes on I have more and more fun mixing-and-matching my manis and even branching out into some fun patterns!

Here are a few of my favorite recent manis:
Love Spell (retired) – my Valentine’s Day nails

China Rose and Grapefruit – I just LOVE our solid wraps!! So shiny

My girlies and I had matching nails for Mother’s Day! My 4 year old had all 10 wraps intact after THREE AND A HALF WEEKS.  In fact, she has 8 still on….I should probably remove those soon
My current mani-- Cabana

SO! About that giveaway!! I’d love to show some Jam-love to Amy’s readers so I’ll be giving away a FULL SHEET of wraps of your choice (enough to do 2 full manis and 2 full pedis!) PLUS a mini application set (rubber cuticle pusher, orange stick, and file) and a sample of our AMAZING hand crème, Nourish. 
The Giveaway prizes! (wraps will be of your choice, but we are showing Butterfly Kisses here as an example)

All you have to do to enter is fill out my form HERE! I’ll leave the giveaway open through next Thursday June 11th, and the winner will be announced here on Friday June 12th!! 

You can browse all our wraps at, and definitely contact me if you have any questions or concerns!! I LOVE to help people get the best Jam-application they can and it’s usually easy with a little tweak or two!!

If you’re on Facebook and you’d like a fun time for you and your friends, consider letting me throw a party for you!! I keep things fun and no-pressure, with lots of games and giveaways and great tips on how to apply Jams! It’s a great time for everyone and I really enjoy getting to know my hostesses and party guests while we’re at it. (Note from Amy: Courtney's facebook parties really are a lot of fun! I have many of my friends and family wearing Jamberries now because of all the help and fun they had in my facebook party)

And if you love a good party and would enjoy spreading Jam-love with me, contact me about joining Jamberry! It’s a huge opportunity (especially with Jamberry about to launch in Australia and New Zealand!!!) and HELLO, if I can do this with 4 kids, 4 and under, I’m pretty sure anyone can!! 

Well that’s about it! Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to announce our winner!!


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