Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Father's Day

This is my husband's first Father's Day, and I am trying to make it extra special for him. So I told him that for Father's Day I wanted to get him a grill to enjoy after we move. He was quite excited about that idea, so I took him to the store a few weeks back when there was a good sale and had him pick out (the grill I had already scouted online that was the best deal and had the best reviews) exactly what he wanted.

So he thinks that is his first Father's Day gift, and he seemed pretty excited about it. And a new grill is quite exciting for most men, but is a bit of a sterile gift for someone like me. I love putting lots of thought into gifts and wanted to make his "real" Father's Day gift a surprise.

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased two letters:

and some gold spray paint

which spruced up the letters quite nicely

Then I had to wait for him to be out of the house for a while so I could take our little darling out to take some photos. I got the perfect opportunity last Saturday. Unfortunately, it was blazing hot and humid, and Victoria did not want to look up at the camera for fear of the sun (even though we were in the shade).

Still, I managed to snap a couple of cute shots that will make a perfect gift for my husband

I asked her how big she was.... "sooooo big"
Miss Serious
I asked her where her tongue is. She giggles every time
I put these three photos into a 3-photo collage frame so they sit side by side and spell out "DAD".

My goal is to take new photos every year to put in that same frame, so he can have them as keepsakes.

Are you doing anything special for your father or husband for Father's Day?

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