Friday, August 28, 2015

Buffalo Vacation

My stepdad has a summer cottage he inherited near Buffalo, NY. It is a tiny 640 square foot cottage that sits right on the water of Lake Erie. It really is a gorgeous place to be, and my husband and I make an effort to go there every summer for a little time.

This year we decided to go there for an entire week, and what better time than to go right after Victoria's Birthday party?

Family drove out to our place in Ohio from Illinois, where we had the birthday party and they all got to see our new house, and then we all left the next day for the Buffalo cottage.

There was definitely a group of us stuffed into those 640 square feet! It was my mom, stepdad, me, Andrew, Victoria, my sister, her 11-year-old son, my brother, his wife, and his 9-year old son. So 10 of us in all with only 1 bathroom!

And you know what? It ended up being so amazing. We had the best time hanging with them all, and Victoria spent all that week charming them. It meant a lot for Victoria to get to know her extended family a bit better.

Getting ready for a swim in the lake
Victoria loved the water. She was kicking and splashing like crazy
We had to check out Niagara Fall too, of course. It's almost impossible to get a photo without tons of people in it, though

Andrew and Victoria, romping around in the grass together
She was chasing him and he was running backwards
This little girl loves her dada
And her mama:)
But she loves trying to wear my sunglasses best of all
The best sunsets happen here
Until next year....

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