Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Renovation Reveal!: Living Room and eating area

You guys, I am exhausted. This Summer has been such a roller-coaster ride. We moved into our new house, and decided beforehand that we would do a minor kitchen and living room renovation, totally underestimating how long it would take to complete.

SERIOUSLY underestimating.

We moved in 4th of July weekend, and only just completed all of the work at the beginning of August.

Apparently we thought we could get more done with a newly-walking toddler than was actually possible. We spent most of our evenings when the baby was asleep getting work done on the house, but it always seemed like it was taking forever.

But we finally finished! One of the reasons we were actually able to finish was that we planned Victoria's (seriously belated) first birthday party for the weekend of August 8th, so we knew it all had to be finished by then!

So here at last are the reveal pictures. And no reveal would be complete without some disclaimers:

1) My house is rarely ever this clean. This is not realistic. So please don't go thinking I'm some kind of amazing homemaker, because I am not (although I am striving to become one!)

2) This is only the first phase of renovations. We are currently saving to replace the lighting fixtures and flooring soon.

Living Room

Fireplace before:
 Fireplace after:

The living room renovation involved:
-Whitewashing the fireplace (we used paint we already had, so that cost almost nothing)
-Painting the built-ins ($70 in paint and product)
-Painting built-in hardware and replacing knobs ($4 for spray paint, $16 for knobs)
-Installing fireplace doors ($300)
-New custom blinds ($250 for 8 blinds for the entire house, so about $60 for this room)
-Painted the walls ($80 in paint and supplies)
Total cost: $530

For our eating area, which you can see in the above "before picture", we simply hung some nice new curtains that contrast well with the blues and greens of the built-ins and walls
-New curtains and hardware: $110

I'll be posting the Kitchen reveal later this week, which I think is the most dramatic change.

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