Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Early Mornings with the Lord + a new Bible and Bible Study

Life with a puppy has been a little crazy. Wonderful, but crazy. She is the sweetest little thing ever, but I feel like I have two toddlers right now, and that has been a crash course for sure!

I can't complain, though, when I get to take adorable (albeit grainy) photos like this.
 Ginny and Victoria really love each other :)

But one thing that has been interesting to get used to is that Miss Ginny likes to wake up at 6am, while Victoria will often sleep from 7pm-8am these days. That means I am up bright and early with a few hours to myself (and Ginny), as my husband is already off to work by then.

I am really not a morning person, but I am definitely starting to enjoy some of the perks of this morning time. Said perks include:

--Drinking a full cup of tea from start to finish while it is still warm (I thought this would never happen again after I had Victoria!)

--Special bonding and training time alone with Ginny

--Quiet time to get my game plan together before the day starts

And my latest favorite:
--Bible Study and Bible reading time

I am ashamed to say that as I have gotten busier, my Bible and prayer time has not been as consistent as it should be. It is one of those things that you often don't realize you need until you have it and then you wonder "why haven't I been doing this every day?!".

Right now I am doing this bible study, which you can purchase on Amazon here (this is an affiliate link. I love Mary Kassian's studies, and truly enjoyed her True Woman 101 study with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. 

I am really loving this study so far and have to admit, I needed it! I am a talker, and a study that helps me focus on the importance of how and what I communicate is definitely overdue (here's to less "foot in my mouth" moments in the future!).

I am also loving my new Bible, which my mom gifted me with this Christmas (we already exchanged gifts with my side of the family a few weeks ago). I love how pretty it is with the leaf pattern on the front :) I've been using it with my Bible Study most mornings and it has been so nice. That time studying and reflecting on God's word has really helped me to focus on Him throughout the day.

What is your morning routine? Have you been able to set up time with the Lord in the mornings? What is your greatest struggle in your faith life? Mine is definitely consistency!

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  1. I love the look of that study! :) Is your new bible a Journaling Bible?


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