Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How I do my nails....and then go to bed

I told you all a couple months back about the product that has changed my beauty life.... Jamberry nail wraps. But I need to just say it again: THESE. THINGS. ROCK.

Perhaps you've seen some of the info about them, perhaps you've tried them and didn't have the best experience, perhaps you never do your nails, or perhaps all you've seen are wild and crazy nail wraps that are totally not "you". I get all of that, and more, because most of those would have described me before I tried them!

Then I was invited to a Jamberry party in the fall of 2014, and it really changed things for me. I had a 4 month old baby at the time, and doing my nails had fallen to pretty much the bottom of my priority list. I have always liked the look of polished nails, but I didn't have time to deal with dry-time, chipped polish, or the risk that my baby would ingest some of those chips. I could just see myself trying to polish my nails and as soon as I got them done and settled in for some drying and curing time, Victoria (my very finicky sleeper since before birth) would wake up screaming her head off (because I'm sure she thought I had abandoned her for good to waste away for a full hour in her crib).


Then I found jamberry, and pretty nails became a possibility and REALITY for the last 14 months of my life! These little nail wraps:

-Can be applied in less than an hour and require no dry time (just avoid water or oil submersion for a couple hours). I do mine at night while I talk with my husband or watch a movie

-Don't have a scent! This is a big deal if you have a husband like mine who HATES the smell of nail polish

-Are non-toxic (no paint chips accidentally getting into food or baby's mouth!)

-Stay on for 10-14 days with proper application (I've had one application last 16 days, mostly because I hadn't gotten the time to change them)

-Protect your nails and look pretty through dings, knicks, and all the other not-so-glamorous things we do with our hands

-Come in 300+ designs, with new ones coming out every 6 months. Seriously, something for EVERY style

-Don't damage your nails and are easily removed with nail polish remover

-Affordable! $15 per sheet, and sheets are always Buy 3 get 1 Free


That last one has become a huge point for me. I have found a really fun little girlie outlet I enjoy! Take a look at some of my most recent manis!

This was day 10 of outgrowth!

Christmas nails!

And my current mani, which I put on last night:
Do you prefer something a little more subtle? (I know I did when I first started wearing wraps). There are plenty of subtle designs to choose from:

I decided after a whole year of enjoying these wraps, the way they make me feel and look put-together, and how they allow me to express some creativity all while protecting my nails, that I would join as a consultant.

I was really hesitant to take this step, wondering what people around me would think. I didn't want to appear to be SELLING STUFF! But I have been so excited about this product and thought it would be a fun hobby business for me.

Well.... my hobby business has grown seriously quicker than I ever expected or planned that it would. People notice my nails everywhere I go and ask me how I am able to accomplish it while balancing a toddler on their hip. I love sharing about Jamberry the way I love sharing about a good deal I've found or a good recipe I've tried!

Have you tried Jamberry wraps before? My first application wasn't great, but with a few great tips from my consultant I was able to get a great 2nd application without lifting tips. I'd really love to share them with any of you! Simply go HERE and let me know which one you'd like to try and I'll mail it to you!

If you haven't had a great experience with Jamberry, I would love to help you troubleshoot! Simply email me at and I will help you out :)

Some of you may remember that 6 months back I posted about Jamberry with my good friend Courtney. I actually signed up with Jamberry under her, so please know there is no conflict of interest if you were to request a sample under me :) 


  1. I have always enjoyed keeping my nails pretty even with 8 children. It wasn't until Addison that it became impossible. I have always done my manicures at home so the cost is not an issue for me. But time is something I just don't have anymore. Last August after your glowing recommendation my girls and I ordered a bunch of nail wraps from jamberry. The first thing which struck me was how very expensive they were. For the four of us it was well over a hundred dollars! But we were getting ready to go on vacation and we figured if they worked as you said it was a nice treat and a good deal.

    The second thing we noticed was they are neither quick or easy to apply. We had allowed an entire morning prior to a wedding we were attending. We were not all able to finish. We watched repeated videos from jamberry consultants and followed the instructions on the jamberry website.

    They did not last long. Within the week we all had problems with them rolling up, particularly when doing our hair. And keep in mind we were on vacation so we weren't doing anything strenuous for our nails. Also, I always wear rubber gloves when doing anything in water or chemicals.

    I was particularly disappointed that the little girls didn't even last an hour! Your friends testimony about how her toddlers lasted for weeks was what finally sold us and our girly girls didn't last a day!

    We were all kind of bummed at that point and thinking we must have applied them wrong. We watched more videos and tried different methods. An entire afternoon later and again our manicures lasted less than a week.

    We all tried a third time with the same less than amazing results. Three weeks out we were all now noticing signs of damage and brittleness in our nails. I have always had very strong and healthy nails and now we all had the same problem with our nails crumbling. All four of us noted they were breaking far down below the fingertip. We gave up then and tossed the rest of our wraps in the trash. It has taken until now for our nails to heal. December 20 was the first my nails have been strong enough to even polish since September. Likewise, my girls have just started using polish again the last week or two.

    I fully intended to write my own jamberry review when we returned from vacation but unfortunately Addison fell ill and ended up in the hospital shortly after we got home and I never had an opportunity. I am glad they work for you but as for me I will stick with my Sally Hansen quick drying polish.

    1. Oh Kathleen, I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience!! I also didn’t have the best first application when I tried Jamberry, but I was able to reach out to my consultant and she gave me a few tips that made a HUGE difference. I don’t know if you reached out to your consultant for help, but I want you to know that the problems you described, though not uncommon, do have easy fixes!! Sometimes you just need a bit of personal support, and that’s why Jamberry decided to go the direct sales route. Anyone who buys from me has my support troubleshooting any problems, and already I’ve been able to suggest some simple tweaks to a few of my friends that have made the difference between a lousy application and a really solid, long-lasting one.
      I’m so sorry you’ve experienced nail damage – I can assure you proper removal does not result in nail damage for the average woman – and for those of us who have more brittle nails, a few good tips can keep our nails healthy and strong.
      I do hope you’ll email me ( and we can chat more – I’d love to share some of my tips with you if you’re willing. I’d even be willing to send you some Jams free to practice with! Hope to hear from you – I truly believe Jamberry can work beautifully for almost any lady!

    2. Also, I am happy to do a skype call to walk you through an application with a sample. I'm sure you are reluctant to try again after your bad experience, but I would be happy to help if you are willing:)

    3. Hi Kathleen!! I'm Courtney, Amy's friend who wrote the Jamberry guest post a while back. I’m truly sorry you didn’t have a good experience especially because I bet with a few simple tweaks you and your girls would have fallen in love!! I can relate with a lot of what you said – I actually struggled with such severe nail damage my first month as a consultant that for a little while I doubted whether I’d be able to continue wearing the wraps I’d fallen in love with!! I sought the advice of my consultant friend and thankfully was able to find ways to remove my wraps that don’t damage my nails at all – in fact, they protect my nails, and after 15 months of solid wear my nails are far healthier than they were before Jamberry. Amy and I both have specific tips that can help almost anyone have healthy nails while wearing Jamberry, even with no (or very little) additional expense – I hope you’ll reach out (I see Amy offered above)!
      Also, since you specifically mentioned my recommendation of the wraps for little girls, I wanted to assure you that they actually can last 2+ weeks (even THREE!!) on my little girls (now ages 4 and 5). (It’s amazing that you’re a mama of 9, by the way – WOW!!) Though I know from experience that they can also fall off on Day 1 if a few important details aren’t followed – I have 2 specific tricks that get them to stay on so well so please do reach out to Amy if you decide to try again!! And they do take me about 30 minutes for each girl (which is longer than it takes me for mine!) but the girls are little so I don’t rush it and just see it as good mommy-daughter time.
      I am sorry you had such a bad time. I hope you did reach out to your consultant, but my experience following up with my customers has shown me how few will reach out on their own if they have issues. This is why Jamberry is a direct sales business, like Amy said – so we ladies can support one another!! I hope you’ll give it another try with Amy as I think you’d have a completely different experience with a few tweaks.

    4. My girls said they would be willing to try a sample again if you could help us figure out what went wrong...I just can't figure out what we could have done that would have such drastically different results. My email is if you have troubleshooting ideas.


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